Transcript of Letter from Eluned

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Dear player name,

After everything it seems undeserving for me to wish you a farewell like this, but I wanted to move quickly before I talked myself out of it.

Now that Seren has returned, I feel as though I am no longer tied to Prifddinas, indeed to Gielinor, and find my thoughts returning constantly to Tarddiad. It was our ancestral home and a place of such promise, that has since fallen into ruin.

In time the rest of Prifddinas may decide to come and aid the poor shapeshifters, but I have seen their suffering and it is cruel to make them wait any longer. So, I will be heading through the world gate after I give this letter to Islwyn.

I have taught him what I know of crystal singing and, though his pitch needs work, I feel he is more than capable of taking over what I have left behind.

I want you to know that you have meant a lot to me and it means a lot to me that you put my life first, before Seren's completeness. I will pay your kindness forward on Tarddiad. Perhaps in time I can show you the ancient world of the elves in it's true spledor.[sic]

For now, my friend, farewell.

Forever your friend, Eluned.