Transcript of Let Them Eat Pie journal entry

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  • Nails Newton wants me to steal a seal from Rolo the Stout, who is a greedy merchant that is withholding food from the refugees of Taverley. With the seal he'll be able to forge a note that will let all the food be released from storage for free.
  • I have shown the pie to Nails, who recoiled in horror at the blasphemy it represents.
  • I have stolen the spices from Pierre. But will they be able to mask the darkness that festers inside my pie of evil?
  • I have fed someone my pie. The heavens surely quaked at the enormity of this act.
  • Having poisoned Rolo with my terrifying affront to cookery, I now need to go upstairs and pick the lock on his chest.
  • Now I have the seal I should take it to Nails.
  • I have stolen a seal from the now rather ill Rolo the Stout. Nails has used it to make a forged letter. I need to take it to his friend Foppish Pierre to get him to release the food to the public.
  • I have convinced Foppish Pierre to release the food to the people of Taverley and the refugees from Burthorpe. I should go and tell Nails that the quest has been a success.
  • I have saved the people of Taverley and Burthorpe from starvation and the tyranny of greedy merchants by poisoning a fat merchant and helping in the fraudulent distribution of his goods.