Transcript of Legends' Quest journal entry

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  • Radimus Erkle asked me to go to map the Kharazi Jungle. In addition, he asked me to meet with the tribe of the Kharazi Jungle and return with some sort of gift or token to display in the Legends Guild.
  • Once I'd mapped the jungle I met up with a Kharazi tribe member called Gujuo, he told me that his tribe was scattered throughout the jungle. He asked me to make a new Yommi tree totem pole in order to gather the peoples of the Kharazi tribe together.
  • In the process of getting a Yommi tree, I released a Shaman from being possessed by a Demon called Nezikchened. I managed to slay the demon eventually but he kept reappearing!
  • I eventually managed to slay the demon and replace the evil totem pole with a good one. Gujuo managed to call all of his people together and they rewarded me for my efforts with a gilded totem pole which is now on display in the Legends Guild for all to see.
  • Radimus Erkle granted me access to the Legends' Guild facilities.