Transcript of Legacy of Seergaze journal entry

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  • After a tip from a mysterious Mercenary Adventurer, I discovered a secret meeting between Zamorakian and Saradominist forces. They discussed Guthixian Edicts and then teleported away. I beat two of their bodyguards and discovered some clues, which Drezel is holding for me.
  • Drezel discovered something called a 'columbarium' under the existing Paterdomus well, although he wasn't sure what it was for. I went down to Burgh de Rott to talk to Veliaf and share this news.
  • Veliaf asked me to take some supplies to the Sanguinesti Myreque base. A researcher there asked me to help him out with the discovery of a new weapon based on important information from the book on haemalchemy. Apparently, vampyres have a limited form of telepathy, which allows them to predict

attacks. In order to combat this, we need to find a very unpredictable type of weapon - and we found it in the flail!

  • I assisted the researcher, Flaygian Screwte, in making this item by finding a long-lost furnace in the north of the city and getting it working again. I was soon using it to make 'silvthril chain' links. which were used in the construction of the long-lost furnace in the north of the city and getting it working again. I was soon using it to make 'silvthril chain' links, which were used in the construction of the flail.
  • Before long, Safalaan asked me to assist with the exploration of the laboratory in the north-east of Meiyerditch. When I got there, though, Safalaan and his men played a rotten trick on me and scared me half to death by pretending to be dead. After that little incident, we trekked through a huge complex of

underground caves, discovering a series of strange rooms with bizzare Slayer creatures in them.

  • I suspect that the creatures in these rooms are the result of some sort of experiment being done by vampyre and Vyrewatch researchers - to what end is unclear. The mixture of bloodvelds gives me the impression that they were trying to increase human blood production to satisfy the vampyres' ever greater need for food.
  • Eventually, we came to a large room with an ominous number of coffins and a strange, prickly. magical energy in the air. We searched around the area to discover what we could, but were soon joined by a pair of vicious Vyrewatch.
  • One of our men was instantly killed, the other ran for his life, scared beyond belief. Poor Safalaan bore a hefty brunt of the blows and was soon rather weak.
  • I attemped[sic], in vain, to assist Safalaan, but he was taking too many hits, and he soon lapsed into unconsciousness. Just at this point, when I thought we were dead meat, his whole body rose from the ground and pulsated with a supernatural energy.
  • I could scarcely believe my eyes: his prone, barely living, battered body simply pulsed with a glowing blue light and then, suddenly, exploded with a shock wave that knocked the fight out of those Vyrewatch. They soon scarpered.
  • Well, Safalaan was in a terrible way, so we headed straight back to the base in Meiyerditch. It's amazing, really - by the time I got back there, Safalaan was all but recovered. He certainly is a strange man, he likes to keep his secrets!
  • By the time we got back to the Sanguinesti base, the poor researcher had left out of sheer frustration Safalaan asked me to look into the research he was carrying out, so I set my mind to the task while I pondered Safalaan's supernatural ability back in the Meiyerditch caverns. Before long, I had worked out the missing part of the puzzle and created what I belive[sic] the researcher was aiming for, the 'Ivandis Flail'. The weapon is made from a ten-charge Rod of Ivandis, with a section of silvthril chain which is connected to an enchanted, emerald-garnished, blessed silver sickle. Whew! That was a mouthful!
  • Well, after creating this awesome-looking weapon, Safalaan was keen for me to try it out to see if it would damage the Vyrewatch -a task that it had been almost solely manufactured for. Before long, I'd found my prey and was soon locked in mortal combat with the foul beast. It was tough, but I won the day and soon I had returned to Safalaan with the good news. Safalaan was more than a little pleased: this could actually be the turning point in the war against the vampyres!
  • When I killed my first Vyrewatch, I noticed that instead of turning into vampyre dust, the Vyrewatch's remains crumpled down into a small corpse, which I could carry in my inventory. Safalaan asked me to check in with Veliaf and brief him on the recent actions in the Sanguinesti region, and also to take the remains of the Vyrewatch to Drezel to see if there was any further information to be gleaned from it.
  • Veliaf was, of course, very pleased to hear about my usefulness in the Sanguinesti region - I think he's rather proud that he recruited me! Anyway, he also said it would be good to get the remains of the Vyrewatch checked out by Drezel so I set off. When Drezel touched the Vyrewatch remains, he had a very sudden and strange sense that there was a tortured and tormented soul trapped within. He urged me to find a way of releasing the soul so it could find peace. It was then that I realised what the columbarium was for-it all made sense, especially with my experiences in Mort'ton.
  • I quickly created a pyre within the sacred confines of the Paterdomus Columbarium and cremated the remains of the Vyrewatch. The spirit left a strange mystical key behind, which allowed me to open one of the columbarium's recesses. Within, I found a blood talisman! I suspect that there are plenty more

useful items in that columbarium.

  • There are reports that the Vyrewatch are taking the threat of attacks seriously: they're now patrolling the Mort Myre swamps, making it more likely that either mercenaries or refugees will be attacked when being taken via the Temple Trek route or the Burgh de Rott Ramble route. With my trusty Ivandis
  • Flail, though, I'm sure they won't prove too much trouble for an experienced private in the Myreque!