Dialogue for Lanthus

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  • Lanthus: Good day! How may I help you?
    • What is this place?
      • Player: What is this place?
      • Lanthus: This is the great Castle Wars arena! Here you can fight for the glory of Saradomin or Zamorak.
        • Really? How do I do that?
          • Player: Really? How do I do that?
          • Lanthus: Easy! You just step through one of the three portals. To join Team Zamorak, pass through the red portal. To join Team Saradomin, pass through the blue portal. If you don't mind which team you're on, pass through the green portal - that's the Guthix portal - and you'll end up helping to balance the teams out.
        • Are there any rules?
          • Player: Are there any rules?
          • Lanthus: Of course - there are always rules. Firstly, you can't wear a cape as you enter the portal. You'll be given your team colours to wear while in the arena. You're also prohibited from taking non-combat items in with you. So, you should only have equipment, potions and runes with you. Secondly, attacking your own team or your team's defences isn't allowed. You don't want to be angering your patron god, do you? Other than that, just have fun and enjoy it!
          • Player: Great! Oh, how do I win the game?
          • Lanthus: The aim is to get into your opponents' castle and take their team flag. Then, bring that back and capture it on your team's flag stand.
        • What can I win?
          • Player: What can I win?
          • Lanthus: Everyone will gain a Silver Castle Wars ticket, regardless of the score. The winning team will receive two Gold Castle Wars tickets. In the event of a draw, everyone will get one Gold ticket each. Tickets can be traded in with me for various rewards.
        • What do you have for trade?
          • (same as below)
    • What do you have for trade?
      • (Opens Castle Wars ticket exchange dialogue)
    • Can we talk about ammunition?
      • Player: Can we talk about ammunition?
        • First time
          • Lanthus: I'm afraid I don't supply ammunition. You'll have to bring your own.
          • Player: No, no, let me explain... There's a woman in Draynor Manor who's invented a device that I strap to my back, and it retrieves most of my ammunition while I'm ranging. Is there any chance I could have that sort of benefit in Castle Wars?
          • Lanthus: My word, that sounds like an excellent device! Can you show me how it works?
          • Player: I'll bring it to you.
        • With an Ava device in hand
          • Player: Can we talk about ammunition?
          • Lanthus: Oh, yes, you were talking about a device for retrieving ammunition while you're ranging.
          • You show Lanthus the device.
          • Lanthus: That's a dead chicken!
          • Player: Well, yes. It's a long story. Anyway, can I get something like this for use in Castle Wars?
          • Lanthus: (Lanthus studies the device. His lips more silently.)
          • Player: Erm...hello?
          • Lanthus: I've explained your situation to the gods. They have agreed to make your Castle Wars cloaks try to retrieve your ammunition while you're fighting on their behalf in this arena.
          • Player: Right. You just...had a chat with the gods.
          • Lanthus: Yep. Also, Zamorak says you look stupid wearing a dead chicken.
          • Player: Sure, sure. He said I look- Hey!
        • Thereafter
          • Lanthus: Your Castle Wars cloaks are already trying to retrieve your ammunition while you're fighting here.
            • Can't you make it work on the cloaks you sell?
              • Player: Can't you make it work on the cloaks you sell? I'd like to have the effect outside the arena too.
              • Lanthus: I'm afraid I can't ask the gods to do that. I think they only agreed to do it inside Castle Wars because Zamorak doesn't want to see people fighting for his glory with dead chickens strapped to their backs.
              • Player: Okay, thanks.
              • (dialogue terminates)
            • Okay, thanks.
              • Player: Okay, thanks.
              • (dialogue terminates)
    • Can I get my trimmed cape requirement?
      • No progress made
        • Lanthus: You are missing the Profound decorative helm from your full set.