Dialogue for Lamp trader

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  • Lamp trader: Come to check out my lamps? They are all guaranteed 100% to contain a genuine genie with four wishes.
  • Player: Four? I thought they usually came with three!
  • Lamp trader: Ah, I see sir is familiar with your basic lamp model. However, I am the only one west of the Eastern Lands that can provide you with a four wish genie[sic]
  • Lamp trader: You see, a powerful wizards challenged me to a duel. It was a game of Runeversi.
  • Lamp trader: Turns out all those years having to play against my grandmother didn't go to waste as I bested the wizard and they provided with these rare four wish lamps.
  • Player: Are you sure? I'm quite familiar with lamps - people seem to have lots of unused ones laying around that they give to me after I help them out - and these look like you've just taken some clay and painted it.
  • Lamp trader: What baseless claims! I provide only the best lamps, and I think perhaps you are not ready to experience this premium grade product. Good day!