Transcript of Lament of the Sea

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This transcript involves dialogue with Shanao, The Tengu, The Memory, The Exile, and the player.

Before Voyage

  • Player: I've brought you together because you've had dealings with Kakashi. I knew there was something familiar about him, and I've asked around. Kakashi means 'scarecrow' in the west - the man's real name is Davosi. He helped the war god Bandos create a god-killing weapon, but Bandos was defeated and killed by the god Armadyl. That explains why Davosi is not a fan of birds, at least.
  • Shanao: (mumble)
  • The Tengu: We're not exactly fans of him either! We have a spy in his ranks - Benkei - who's informed me that Kakashi is building a weapon. It could be similar to the god-killing weapon you speak of.
  • Player: The last Scarecrow weapon was powered by divine energy.
  • The Memory: Oh! Is that what he wanted me for? He wanted my energy to power a weapon? That's horrible!
  • The Exile: You are safe here, little cub.
  • The Memory: I'm not a cub! Honestly, I'm older than you are...sort of.
  • The Exile: Why am I here, Portmaster?
  • Player: Kakashi still has your brother in his employ. There must be a link between the sea creatures your brother has been killing and the weapon Kakashi is building.
  • The Exile: Perhaps they are testing the weapon by killing these sea creatures.
  • Player: A weapon like this would be powerful enough to kill a god, potentially. I doubt they'd waste its energy to kill animals. No, there's something more going on. I need the three of you to work together to find out Kakashi's plan. We need to know where this weapon is, how he intends to power it and, most importantly, what he plans to use it on.
  • The Tengu: I know of seasingers in a place called Light under Sea who live among sea creatures as if they were their own. Perhaps they will know more of why Kakashi is having sea creatures killed...
  • Player: Good, then you three should head there now.

After Voyage

  • Player: How did it go?
  • The Tengu: Kakashi was already attacking the seasingers when we arrived! At the sight of us, he turned and ran - the coward - but we got to see his plan in action.
  • The Exile: He doesn't care about the seasingers. He just wants to kill sea creatures...but he wasn't just killing them, he was draining them!
  • Player: What do you mean draining them?
  • The Exile: Draining their life force. To the seasingers, the sea creatures are not monsters - they refer to them as 'kami'.
  • The Memory: Kami? That's what they called me! I thought it was just a name, but... Oh! My energy and the sea creatures' is the same - they must be made of anima too!
  • Player: So that is how Kakashi is powering his harvesting their energy.
  • The Exile: That is sickening!
  • Player: Did you learn anything else?
  • The Tengu: The seasingers mentioned another word when talking of Kakashi - 'Kami-shima'. They were scared, but they would not tell us who or what it was.
  • The Exile: Whatever it is, it must be linked to the sea creatures and their anima.
  • The Memory: I fear that if Kakashi finds out something even worse is going to happen.