Dialogue for Lady Trahaearn

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In Prifddinas[edit | edit source]

Talking to Lady Trahaearn[edit | edit source]

  • Lady Trahaearn: Ah, hello again young Player, how can I help you?
    • Ask about the Seren Stones...
      • Lady Trahaearn: What would you like to know?
        • What are the Seren Stones?
          • Lady Trahaearn: The Seren Stones are pieces of Seren's crystaline essence that have become corrupted. The corruption has hardened around the outside of the stones, lika a sinister shell. It is the sacred duty of the Trahaearn to chip away at this corruption, to allow the stones to be purified by the Hefin.
            • (Returns to previous options)
        • How do I use them?
          • (If you don't have 89 Mining)
          • Lady Trahaearn: You don't, human. I sense in you a lack of skill with a pickaxe. I do not trust you not to chip the crystal itself. If you prove yourself a skilled miner then I may reconsider, but for now you are not to touch the crystals.
          • You need 89 Mining to use the Seren Stones.
          • Lady Trahaearn: What would you like to know?
            • (Returns to previous options)
          • (If you have at least 89 Mining)
          • Lady Trahaearn: Hmmm, you do seem skilled enough, for a human, I suppose there's no harm. It's hard work, but you need to use a pickaxe to chip the corruption off the outside of the stones. Doing so will give you an understanding of precision mining and you may also find corrupted ore. Corrupted ore is a foul substance with no other purpose than to be smelted away into nothingness. If you find any, I would be graceful if you would dispose of it in a furnace somewhere. Only such heat is strong enough to destroy it.
            • (Returns to previous options)
        • Where do you find them?
          • Lady Trahaearn: Hrm. Is human eyesight as bad as I've been told? They're directly north of me - those crystals over there.
            • (Returns to previous options)
        • Ask about something else.
          • (Returns to previous options)
    • Ask about Lady Trahaearn...
      • Player: Can you tell me about yourself?
      • Lady Trahaearn: Huh? What?
      • Player: Erm...can you tell me about yourself?
      • Lady Trahaearn: What? Speak up! I can't hear you.
      • Player: Can - you - tell - me - ab...
      • Lady Trahaearn: AHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Ahem, sorry, it was too easy to pass up. I can hear you fine. I am Lady Trahaearn, leader of Clan Trahaearn. And yes, I am the oldest living elf in the city...likely the world. Traditionally when the lord of a clan dies, they are succeeded by another who then leads the clan. But look around you. Look at the youngsters these days. No sense of decorum, or of how things should be. How could I leave my beloved clan to these children? No no no, it will not do. So I built this device - my masterpiece! It extends my life through a combination of crystal vapours and precise enchantments. With it I can continue to govern my beloved Trahaearn until a more suitable successor arrives. Until then, my automatons and I will watch over the clan.
      • Player: You would trust machines over your own clan?
      • Lady Trahaearn: It's not a matter of trust, but a matter of efficiency. My automatons get things done. They are efficient and unquestioning. They do not destroy with 'improvements', nor add features that only serve to ruin the overall design. They do what is asked of them and they do it well. Unlike some of these youngsters.
        • (Returns to previous options)
    • Ask about Clan Trahaearn...
      • Player: What can you tell me about Clan Trahaearn?
      • Lady Trahaearn: We are an ancient and noble clan of workers. We reshape the earth itself according to our designs. Oh but we are much the same as the earth we shape, strong and each shaped to serve their purpose. Like an anvil we hold firm the ways of the elves. Like a hammer, we force shape upon elvenkind, giving it purpose and meaning. Seren herself saw in us the future of the elves and she honoured our malleability and durability. I like to think she would be proud of what we have achieved.
        • (Returns to previous options)
    • Ask about Trahaearn skills...
      • Player: What can you tell me about Clan Trahaearn's skills?
      • Lady Trahaearn: We focus on the skills that lead to true creation: mining and smithing. We draw our raw materials from the very depths of the earth itself and then we refine them in the heat of our forges. Is there a greater art? We find new purpose for dirt and metal, beyond just something pretty to look at. Oh, we are more than just artists. We are also the chosen ones, who cleanse the corruption from Seren's broken body. We are the ones who chip the corrupted ore away from Seren's stones.
      • Player: What are the Seren Stones?
      • Lady Trahaearn: After Seren, in her grief and love for the elves, shattered herself. Pieces of her grow in the elven lands. But there is a darkness that grows there as well - a corruption. We find these stones and we bring them here. Then we spend our time carefully chipping the corruption away, purifying the stones. Oh, Hefin will say that they are the ones doing the purification, but they merely handle the final stage. It is through the sweat and toil of Trahaearn that the stones are purified.
      • Player: Can I help?
        • If you do not yet have the required mining level
          • Lady Trahaearn: Forgive me, but you do not yet possess the skill required to delicately remove the corruption. Perhaps with more training, but not now.
          • You need 89 Mining to mine the Seren Stones.
        • If you have the required mining level
          • Lady Trahaearn: You are friend to elfkind. We would welcome your assistance.
            • (Returns to previous options)
    • Nothing, thanks.