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During Giant Mimic events[edit | edit source]

  • Lady Niya: Good day to you! It looks like Alice has got herself into trouble again. I swear, if only that girl would come out of that cave and get some light on her skin.
  • Player: What's happened?
  • Lady Niya: It turns out if you live in a place full of treasure chests, eventually you're going to find the evil enchanted one that tries to kill you. This poor, terrified, little mimic escaped and brought Alice's message to me.
  • Player: Someone should save her!
  • Lady Niya: Quite; you wonderful hero, you. I've managed to construct this portal that leads to Alice's treasure chamber. Don't worry dear, she's safe, but if you could defeat the Giant Mimic within it would be much appreciated.
  • The Giant Mimic fight takes place in a safe area - no items will be lost on death. You have 2 minutes 30 seconds to kill the boss or the Giant Mimic will kill you
  • Killing the boss will reward you with loot crates, which contain random prizes, and a chance at the rare tradeable tongue cape and mimic plushie.

During Attack of the Zombie Sprouts event[edit | edit source]

Before the end of 24 October[edit | edit source]

  • (First time:)
    • Lady Niya: Greetings wanderer, I'm so glad you came! My evil twin sister has decided to play a silly little prank on me and I need your help.
    • Lady Niya: My poor little darling sprouts are being brought back from the dead and being made to fight! Surely, you can help me put a stop to all of this?
    • Player: How can I help?
    • (Continues below.)
  • (Subsequent times:)
    • (If big sprout is winning:)
      • Lady Niya: We're making wonderful progress on weeding out those pesky zombie sprouts, hopefully we can put an end of this soon!
    • (If big sprout is losing:)
      • (Transcript missing. edit)
    • (If the player has 500 or more Farming progress:)
      • Lady Niya: With your help my sprouts have started to grow! I'm sure you'll find it a much more rewarding experience to continue promoting the growth of my sprouts now.
    • (If the player has more Farming progress than Herblore progress:)
      • Lady Niya: I'm so grateful to you, you've been so helpful in all of this!
    • (If the player has more Herblore progress than Farming progress:)
      • Lady Niya: I can't believe you've helped my evil twin sister more than you have me.
    • Can you remind me how to help you again?
      • (Continues below.)
    • Goodbye[sic]
      • (If the daily fatigue cap has been reached:)
        • Lady Niya: If only you had some of Alice's magic plant sprays you would be able to help me more today, come back again tomorrow!
      • (Dialogue terminates.)
  • Lady Niya: You can help by using your knowledge of framing to promote the growth of the bigger sprouts.
  • Lady Niya: And if you were to help enough I could reward you with one of my older sprouts that I look after. They might be strong enough to act as a set of wings.
  • Evil Niya: Don't listen to her! Help me out instead and I will give you wings!
  • Lady Niya: Whatever you do though, don't corrupt their growth! No, no, no, that would never do. Help them grow, they're far more bautiful and pleasing to the eye, wouldn't you agree?
  • Lady Niya: The fighting isn't limited to just here, if you can locate the other sprouts you might find it more rewarding to promote growth there instead.
  • Lady Niya: Without some magic plant spray there is only so much you can do to help each day!
  • Lady Niya: I heard Alice may have some hidden away in those dusty chests of hers.
  • Lady Niya: Thank you and good luck!

After the end of 24 October[edit | edit source]

  • Lady Niya: We've almost done it! The zombie sprouts have been driven back almost completely, there's just the ones left here to go.
  • (If the player has 500 or more Farming progress:)
    • Lady Niya: With your help my sprouts have started to grow! I'm sure you'll find it a much more rewarding experience to continue promoting the growth of my sprouts now.

Overhead lines[edit | edit source]

(One of the following was shown randomly:)

  • Lady Niya: Come on my lovelies!
  • Lady Niya: Help my little sprouts, cheer them on!
  • Lady Niya: My big sprouts need tending to, help them out!
  • Lady Niya: There we go, I'm proud of you!
  • Lady Niya: You can do it!

During the Oddments promotion in Burthorpe[edit | edit source]

  • Lady Niya: Hello there friend! Can I help you?
    • (Only if not asked last and last question wasn't about oddments:)
      • What's going on here?
        • Lady Niya: I've been having a bit of a clear out, and my friend Alice has too. We've got a plethora of oddments lying around that we don't know what to do with.
        • Lady Niya: You seem to have some good ideas on what to do with things, so we thought we'd make them available.
        • (Returns to the previous options.)
    • (Only after asking something else and not asked last:)
      • How do I get oddments?
        • Lady Niya: Alice has made them available from her chests, alongside her usual offerings.
        • Lady Niya: You will get your usual prizes along with some oddments for you to do what you like with.
        • Lady Niya: You can also cash out any unwanted prizes into more oddments.
        • Lady Niya: Then you can fashion the little oddments into different items for yourself.
        • Lady Niya: Remember, though, that they wont[sic] last for long. Use them up while you have the chance and add some beauty to the world.
        • (Returns to the previous options.)
    • (Only if not asked last:)
      • What can I do with oddments?
        • Lady Niya: You can convert them into all sorts of lovely things.
        • Lady Niya: You can choose keys, that you can give to Alice for the chance to open chests.[sic]
        • Lady Niya: Or make yourself a useful doodad, like springs or feathers.
        • Lady Niya: Or you could even unlock greater levels of rewards from some of the community events that have run in the past.
        • Lady Niya: It's useful having access to magic! I've made it so you can get and upgrade the rewards from The Lost Sword, God Wars: Encampment and the Helter Skelter event.
        • Lady Niya: Share and share alike, I believe.
        • (Returns to the previous options.)
    • (Only directly after asking about oddments and not asked last:)
      • How long are the oddments available?
        • Lady Niya: Alice and I have estimated that we have about 6 days' worth of stock of the oddments before they will run out.
        • Lady Niya: After that I believe the magic in them will last for another week, before the oddments will turn to dust.[sic]
        • (Returns to the previous options.)
    • (Only after asking something else and not asked last, with "why" replaced by "what" after the question "Who are you?":)
      • Why are you here and not Alice?
        • Lady Niya: Ah, she's a lovely girl but Alice doesn't get out much.
        • Lady Niya: She's much happier in her cave with all her wonders, whereas I'm happier out and about in the fresh air and the beauty of the world.
        • Lady Niya: I'm on a bit of a holiday you might call it. Moving around and stretching my legs for a while.
        • Lady Niya: Any excuse for a wander around Gielinor, and a chance to talk to some splendid people.
        • (Returns to the previous options.)
    • (Only if not asked last:)
      • Who are you?
        • Lady Niya: I am Lady Niya. I am a visitor - an emissary, if you like, of beauty - come to bring some much-needed loveliness to this war-filled land.
        • Lady Niya: I have dedicated my life to awakening others to the beauty that is all around them.
        • Lady Niya: Too often people get caught up in day-to-day drudgery and do not appreciate their environment.
        • Lady Niya: I believe it is important to remind people of the small pleasures in life, and so I have dedicated myself to this.
        • Lady Niya: I'm also on a little bit of a break. Gielinor is so beautiful, and it is good for me to wander around it to remember all its sights from time to time.
        • (Returns to the previous options.)