Dialogue for Lachtopher

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  • Player: Hello there.
  • Lachtopher: Hello, I suppose. I'm Lachtopher. Could you lend me some money?
  • Player: Lend you money? I really don't think so. Don't you have any of your own?
  • Lachtopher: I spent it all and I can't be bothered to earn any more.
  • Player: Right, and you want my hard-earned money instead? No chance!
  • Lachtopher: You're just like my sister, Victoria. She won't give me any money.
  • Player: Your sister sounds like she has the right idea.
  • Lachtopher: Yeah, I've heard it all before. 'Oh,' she says, 'It's easy to make money: just complete Tasks for cash.'
  • Player: Well, if you want to make money...
  • Lachtopher: That's just it. I don't want to make money. I just want to have money.
  • Player: I've had it with you! I don't think I've come across a less worthwhile person. I think I'll call you Lazy Lachtopher, from now on.