Transcript of LEAKED JAGEX TOUR! - April Fools video 2015

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Hey thank you a to be a good city you're
[00:08] right
[00:09] most come for this way
[00:13] despite the fact they not actually hit
[00:15] my facilities team ships it just say
[00:18] they look up the office building that
[00:20] kind of thing you know they're big on
[00:24] their safety stunts so I see UTS
[00:36] investigations into the community these
[00:39] guys are the people that deal with
[00:40] things like rock bands in charge of
[00:45] moderation that kind of thing and we're
[00:48] trial in this new system aren't we yeah
[00:50] this is the LBB system location based
[00:54] bands basically it's something we've
[00:55] implemented recently to essentially keep
[00:58] players on their toes it's location base
[01:02] so what I do is I look at this grid and
[01:04] for instance look at Ashdale here
[01:08] [Music]
[01:10] go in all right someone's just been
[01:13] banned in Ashdown don't know who it is
[01:15] but probably because I've been and then
[01:18] yeah I'll just move on to another region
[01:19] rotates hourly so we just take out
[01:22] random individual every now and again
[01:24] again it's just to keep people on their
[01:26] toes
[01:26] okay thanks for showing up that make
[01:29] another one okay so this is the route 8
[01:32] o'clock to my left here we've got our
[01:35] management team around the big bosses
[01:46] mod max please acts out or something
[01:48] yeah it looks like it she doesn't seem
[01:49] happy and these guys for the kind of
[01:53] science into making games cut up down
[01:55] this we've got tech teams various things
[01:58] like that so if you want to follow me
[02:01] this way actual balance ninja team over
[02:19] here throwing stars around little
[02:23] updates
[02:26] on the board this is our tech team a
[02:31] very clever do lots of important things
[02:33] include improving the engine and whatnot
[02:38] and so they're actually working on the
[02:40] NXT line now which is like an improved
[02:42] version of the game better graphics
[02:43] better loading times and it also removes
[02:46] the need for people to have Java
[02:48] installed which we all know Chrome
[02:50] lights actually come on Phillip you're
[02:52] playing the NXT client now aren't you so
[02:54] that's much improved graphics yeah
[02:58] that's really good at young I'm really
[03:00] were kind of pleased with that but this
[03:02] is the area where we're going to expand
[03:03] into the nozzle team we're gonna expand
[03:06] into when they work on they're involved
[03:07] combat I do is they're gonna really
[03:09] upgrade and change combat and not
[03:12] abilities and things like just it just
[03:13] kinda like rs3 but I've got a old-school
[03:15] version of it I'm here we have one of
[03:19] our new servers that we're gonna deploy
[03:22] in the next couple of weeks to combat
[03:24] the the recent servant disruption it's
[03:27] like a it's a much upgraded model we I
[03:29] think it might be secondhand to
[03:31] requirements of you but like we do take
[03:34] real pride in our technology at targets
[03:36] really at the forefront of the gaming
[03:37] industry and I think anyone can be kind
[03:40] of jealous of our tech so it's a web
[03:43] team little car to the old-school side
[03:45] they're very escapes we've recently
[03:51] redesigned the forum's they've done
[03:53] runelabs I think the next big thing is
[03:55] rights you don't know what they
[03:57] expecting is so I haven't seen they find
[04:00] events like game glass Brewfest
[04:02] things I think they're actually planning
[04:03] green fest 2015 already so hopefully
[04:06] should get the data sooner listen
[04:09] [Music]
[04:15] [Music]