Dialogue for Kurask head (mounted)

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Conversations[edit | edit source]

Player Owned Head[edit | edit source]

  • Kurask: I KILL YOU!
  • Player: No, I kill you!
  • Kurask: UUUHRG! Now I kill you!
  • Player: How are you going to do that? You're just a head on a wall!
  • Kurask: Uhhhhrrr...
    • Player: Why are you so violent?
      • Kurask: You kill me! Uuurgh! That make me angry!
        • Player: You seemed pretty angry before I killed you.
          • Kurask: I like angry!
        • Player: I'm sorry I killed you.
          • Kurask: I hate sorry! Makes me more angry! WANT TO KILL YOU!
            • Player: Please try to calm down.
              • Kurask: Hate calm! Smash it! Hur hur hur!
            • Player: I'm not really sorry.
              • Kurask: That make me more angry! Uuuurgh!
              • Player: Is there anything that doesn't make you angry?
              • Kurask: No! I like angry! Hur hur hur!
        • Player: I killed you really easily!
          • Kurask: Uhhhhrrr...
          • Player: Yeah! I could kill you again in my sleep!I think I might go off and kill some other kurask!
          • Kurask: Uuuurrrh! Hate you!
          • Player: What are you going to do about it? Eh? I totally owned you!
          • Kurask: Hate you hate you hate you!
    • Player: What do you think about up there?
      • Kurask: Think?
      • Player: You know, what goes through your tiny stuffed head?
      • Kurask: Little bugs...
      • Player: You have bugs living in you? Eww!
      • Kurask: Little bugs! Stomp and crush and stomp!
        • Player: Yeah! Stomp the bugs!
          • Kurask: Stomp crush splat!
          • Kurask: Smash! Destroy! Crunch break tear destroy splunch! Hurt wound kill hit punch stab slash kill!
            • Player: 'Splunch'? That is not a word!
              • Kurask: I HATE WORDS! Kill all words!
            • Player: You said 'kill' twice[sic]
              • Kurask: I like kill! Hur hur hur!
            • Player: Yeah! Kill smash destroy!
              • Kurask: Kill smash destroy! Hur hur hur!
        • Player: What have the bugs done to you?
          • Kurask: Skitter skitter through head noise in ears behind eyes.
          • Kurask: HATE THEM! Kill kill kill!
        • Player: You can't, you've got no feet!
          • Kurask: No feet...
          • Kurask: Hate lack of feet! Stomp lack of feet! Kill crush destroy smash!
          • Player: That makes no sense! You can't destroy the absence of something!
          • Kurask: Hate requirement to make sense! Smash it kill it destroy kill kill!
          • Player: You can't physically destroy an abstract concept. It's impossible!
          • Kurask: Hate abstract concepts! hate impossible! Kill kill kill destroy smash!
          • Player: This is getting both surreal and repetitive.

Guest conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Kurask: I KILL YOU!
  • Player: No, house owner kill you!