Transcript of King help book

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Read these words carefully, soldier. I have faced the Penance horde and stood in the face of their vile king, but he has gravely wounded me and proceeds to devour my men. I scrawl these tactics in the hope that they are found, and utilised for victory.

You will observe he is completely impervious to damage, so you must take advantage of his insatiable hunger. At the very least it slows him down.

Be resourceful. Collect and refine what scraps you can find to make weaponry.

Notice the enemy has affixed his own incantations to his sprawling mass. You must try and obtain them. We discovered too late that when read in the correct order they hold the key to his demise.

Communication is of the utmost importance. The success of our mission rides on your bravery, soldier, and that of your fellows.

He comes for me now with an arrogant bloodlust in his eyes, but he has underestimated the Barb-