Transcript of King's Ransom journal entry

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  • I told the Gossip I will investigate the disappearance of King Arthur and the Sinclairs.
  • The guard said the Sinclairs left their mansion, and at the same time King Arthur and his knights mysteriously disappeared. I said I would help him gather evidence inside the mansion.
  • I presented three pieces of evidence that prove the Sinclairs left the mansion to do harm to King Arthur and his knights. The guard agreed and asked me to look into the Sinclair family history.
  • I spoke to the Gossip about the Sinclairs.
  • The Gossip told me Anna Sinclair is being held at the Seers’ Village Courthouse.
  • Anna Sinclair asked me to defend her in court in exchange for showing me a secret passage into Camelot. I accepted the deal.
  • I defended Anna Sinclair in court and won the case!
  • Anna Sinclair told me how to get into Camelot.
  • Anna betrayed me! She and her brother plotted to use me to free Anna and then lured me into Camelot. Then Morgan Le Faye showed up and threw me in her dungeon.
  • Merlin said our goals were:
  • Reclaim Camelot,
  • retrieve the Holy Grail,
  • and save King Arthur.
  • I noticed a grate high in the ceiling of the cell. It looked like someone could squeeze through it.
  • We managed to get Merlin out of the cell. All the knights formed a human pyramid which Merlin then climbed up and into the grate from. The guard was too busy doing his hair to notice.
  • I unlocked the door. It was trickier than locks I've tried before. The knights all broke out and stormed the keep.
  • I solved the riddle and found the Holy Grail! Morgan Le Faye transmogrified it into a jewellery box and hid it amongst others. I had to work out its position from clues she left.
  • I spoke to Wizard Cromperty. He gave me an Animate Rock spell scroll and some advice on how to free King Arthur.
  • I snuck into the Black Knights’ Fortress in disguise.
  • Then I read the spell in front of the statue of King Arthur, freeing him.
  • King Arthur dressed up as a guard for the Black Knights’ Fortress. He said he'd meet me back at Camelot.
  • King Arthur was extremely grateful for my assistance to his knights and himself.