Transcript of Kindred Spirits journal entry

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  • I spoke to Linza in Burthorpe, she asked me to help her investigate a number of disappearances.
  • I spoke to Relomia who informed me that Sliske has been kidnapped by the Dragonkin.
  • I found a secret trapdoor leading to a dragonkin prison. Unfortunately whilst investigating a shadowy Sliske crashed into Linza and I, leading to our capture by the Dragonkin.
  • I awoke in a prison cell guarded by a Dragonkin. I created a strong acid from some terrible food and used it to escape the cell. When rescuing Sliske, it was revealed that this was all a rouse and that the Dragonkin was just a wight in an elaborate Dragonkin costume.
  • Sliske infromed me that he was behing it all and that he has new plans for me. Sliske has taken Meg, Mary Rancour and Linza hostage and has threatened their lives if I don't play along with his twisted game. He has killed Brother Samwell to prove his point.
  • Sliske has given the Barrows Brother's their free will and personalities back, but is subjecting each of them to torturous trials. He expects me to help them complete them and to ultimately punish them.
  • As a reward he says he will give me the Staff of Armadyl.
  • I ended Dharok's torment by killing him. It seems to have resolved the problem.
  • Ahrim had been the cause of the death of the druid, Isolde, that Guthan loves. When I got him to the centre of the maze he was forced to face this tragic event.
  • Verac, unlike his brothers, secretly worshipped Zamorak. Sliske's game had him suspended between a statue of Saradomin and Zamorak and needed me to release him from the god that had no claim over his soul. I realeased him from the Saradomin statue.
  • The statue broke part of the wall, revealing a hidden room.
  • I discovered a secret hidden area of Sliske's vault, that I probably wasn't meant to see. I have done something which may affect Sliske later.
  • Sliske used the Staff of Armadyl to drain some of my soul. I am not sure what effect this could have. He then flew into a rage and vented his fury by hitting me repeatedly.
  • Linza had betrayed me. She had led me here as part of a deal with Sliske to help defend herself against the Dragonkin, who she has been stealing secrets from. Sliske completed his contract by turning her into a new barrows wight.
  • I escaped from the collapsing vault tunnel with Meg and Mary Rancour.
  • I have spoken to Dharok who has informed me that Sliske's hold over the brother's has weakened. They say they will work with me to help defeat Sliske's evil schemes.