Dialogue for Kimberly

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Before Kennith's concerns[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello.
  • Kimberly: Hi! I'm Kimberly, I'm new around here.
  • Player: Hi, Kimberly. Pleased to meet you. How do you like living in Witchaven?
  • Kimberly: Well, it's a bit slug-y, and the locals aren't that friendly, but it's mostly fine. I guess.
  • Player: I'm glad to hear that. Well, I have to be going, but it was nice to meet you.
  • Kimberly: Sure, I'll see you later.

After Kennith's concerns[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello, Kimberly. How are you doing?
  • Kimberly: I'm doing well, thank you, Player. Things are much better down here. No sea slugs and no horrid little boys to scare me. Although, I do miss the sky and the fresh air.
  • Player: I can imagine. Hopefully soon, your parents will feel safe enough to move back up to Witchaven.
  • Kimberly: That would be nice. Maybe the sea slugs will go away soon?
  • Player: Perhaps they're already gone.