Dialogue for Khazard launderer

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  • (If the player has not yet started While Guthix Sleeps)
    • Khazard launderer: I just do the washing around here.
      • (Dialogue terminates.)
  • Khazard launderer: What can I do for you?
    • What do you do here?
      • Khazard launderer: I mainly take in washing and make sure it's good and clean for my customers. Times are tough, though. Not everyone can afford such a service and it's affecting my takings.
      • Player: Do you find that very fulfilling?
      • Khazard launderer: Ah, well, it can be a bit monotonous and the pay isn't good, but I set myself some goals and deliver my washing clean. My customers rarely complain, so I guess I must be doing something right.
      • Player: Either that or they're afraid of you!
      • Khazard launderer: Aha, yes, good one. Many of my customers are pretty important, I'm sure they'd have a word with me if they thought that quality was slipping.
    • Do you know someone called Movario?
      • Khazard launderer: Oh, yes, Movario...
      • Khazard launderer: Oh...er, well, sorry, I'm not really supposed to divulge client details. Times are tough enough as it is; I can do without losing customers because of my gossiping!
      • Khazard launderer: Sorry.
    • (If the player has completed While Guthix Sleeps)
    • Do you have more dirty clothes belonging to Movario I could have?
      • Khazard launderer: You're in luck: here you go, but look after them this time.
        • You're handed some stinky clothes.