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This transcript involves dialogue with Kharshai and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

When speaking to Kharshai after completing relevant quests

  • I want to talk about Children of Mah.
    • Kharshai: What an adventure, Player. Our race is saved from the threat of extinction! Now I must look towards my own future.
  • I want to talk about V.
    • Kharshai: Yes, I have heard of his passing. A shame, perhaps, but such is the danger of godhood. Take solace in the knowledge that he has inspired countless heroes across numerous worlds. Those heroes have, in turn, saved lives that would have been otherwise lost and defeated evils that would have threatened entire civilisations. Mourn his passing, as is proper, but know that the universe is a better place because of him.
      • What can you tell me about bane ore?
        • Kharshai: I am not the metallurgist that you need for an in depth analysis. Suffice to say the potential of this bane ore is staggering. It can be attuned to hate a particular creature type.
        • Player: You mean attuned to be more damaging?
        • Kharshai: No my friend, I mean the metal hates that creature. It wants to hurt it, wants to make it suffer. Increased damage is just a side effect.
      • What can you tell me about the dragonkin?
        • Kharshai: Forgive me, but I’m afraid I doubtless know far less than you. They are powerful, dangerous and they are not concerned with the plight of anyone but themselves. Be careful trusting any of them my friend, for they doubtless can never trust you.
      • What can you tell me about gods?
        • Kharshai: No more than you already know. The gods are powerful, yes, but they are not inherently better than any of us. A single rock can dam a river, but so can many pebbles. Together we are as powerful, if not stronger, than any god. Remember this.
      • Goodbye
        • Kharshai: Farewell.
  • I want to talk about the Mahjarrat memories.
    • Kharshai: Thank you for recovering the memories for me, my friend.
      • I need the engrammeter.
        • Kharshai hands you a small box.
      • You're welcome. Goodbye.
  • I want to talk about your identity crisis.
    • Whose side are you on?
      • Player: Whose side are you on, Kharshai?
      • Kharshai: I intend to stay neutral. If the balance between the Mahjarrat were to be disturbed, it would be disastrous. We have already lost many to sacrifices and assassinations.
      • Player: What about beyond the Mahjarrat?
      • Kharsai: All the Mahjarrat will be keeping an eye on what is going on, but their primary concerns are Zamorak and Zaros. My neutrality will maintain the balance.
    • What will you do now?
      • Player: What will you do now?
      • Kharshai: I will remain here. The Fremennik people have treated me well, and while they have lost their deathless warrior, they have gained a new friend.
    • About that jewel...
      • Blue jewel memory
        • Kharshai: Interesting, this blue jewel has unlocked another memory.
        • Player: What is it?
        • Kharshai: I now know who erased my memory.
        • Player: Who? Who did that to you?
        • Kharshai: I did.
        • Player: What? You deliberately erased your own memory?
        • Kharshai: Yes. It was the only way to conceal myself from the other Mahjarrat. Simply transforming myself would not protect me from the Mahjarrat's innate ability to sense each other.
        • Player: If you didn't know you were a Mahjarrat, how could they?
        • Kharshai: Exactly. Thank you again for helping me.
      • Red jewel memory
        • Kharshai: Interesting, this red jewel has unlocked another memory.
        • Player: What is it?
        • Kharshai: I now know how Balmung came to be.
        • Player: Where did it come from?
        • Kharshai: It was an experiment. I wanted to see if I could enhance bane ore to make a fearsome weapon.
        • Player: Then why wasn't it enchanted when the Fremennik found it?
        • Kharshai: I had not yet completed the spell. I was travelling to the Fremennik Isles for dagannoth blood.
        • Player: And it came into contact with the blood when I used it to slay dagannoths in defense of Rellekka.
        • Kharshai: Precisely. This allowed me to complete the enhancement. Thank you for assisting me.
        • Green jewel memory
        • Kharshai: This green jewel has unlocked another memory.
        • Player: What did you discover?
        • Kharshai: I know why I am still powerful after all this time.
        • Player: There must have been a good reason.
        • Kharshai: As you know, the Mahjarrat sacrifice one of their own to maintain their power. Usually, the weakest is selected.
        • Player: Yes. I was present at the last one.
        • Kharshai: The assassination attempt weakened me. Coupled with my neutral stance towards the factions, I would have been considered as the sacrifice.
        • Player: So you chose not to attend the ritual?
        • Kharshai: That was the best way to avoid being killed. But by not attending the ritual, I missed out on the rejuvenation, and risked falling behind the others in terms of power.
        • Player: That would have been a problem.
        • Kharshai: However, the drain on my power when in the form of Koschei was almost zero.
        • Player: The other Mahjarrat became weaker, even in human form. Why didn't you?
        • Kharshai: The sealing of my memory was the key. Even in human form, Mahjarrat can still use their powers.
        • Player: As you didn't know you had the power, you were not using it.
        • Kharshai: Indeed, Player. This information will interest all Mahjarrat. I suspect they are already working on a way to locate anyone hidden using this method, in case someone else attempts it.
      • May I have a look at the jewel?
        • Player: Can I have a look at the jewel I found?
        • Kharshai: You may, although it will not leave this cavern, for it is bound to me. I feel that it has more to reveal.
      • I'll come back another time.
        • Player: Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you. I'll be going now.
    • Sorry to disturb you.
      • Player: Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you. I'll be going now.
    • I want to ask you about the epic of Bukalla.
      • Player: I want to ask you about the epic of Bukalla.
      • Kharshai: Ah yes, I noted your presence in the audience. What would you like to know?
        • What exactly happened to Bukalla and the Dagannoth king?
          • Player: What exactly happened to Bukalla and the Dagannoth king?
          • Kharshai: Ah, Akranoth dagnathi, otherwise known as Dagannoth Supreme. It’s not clear if the current Supreme is the same individual or a successor. Either way, the bearer of that title no longer takes the Fremennik lightly. Bukalla died as a result of the raid, but it’s not clear whether he fell in battle with the Dagannoth king, or as a result of his wounds on the way home. Neither of their fates really matter though. What is important in this tale is that Bukalla and the Fremennik stood up and fought back against those that would threaten and endanger their people. This is heroism, a key value taught to the Fremennik people and a noble one at that.
          • Player: I see, it’s not just an exciting story then.
          • Kharshai: Indeed. You should reflect upon what you have heard and try to apply it to yourself where you can.
          • Player: I’ll definitely give it a good think over.
        • Were there any other famous Fremennik in the party?
          • Player: Were there any other famous Fremennik in the party?
          • Kharshai: Of course! Perhaps you will have heard some of their names, perhaps not. Their stories are for another day, though.
        • Sorry to disturb you.
          • Player: Sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you. I’ll be going now.

When speaking to Kharshai with Koschei's needle in inventory[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Does this needle belong to you?
  • Kharshai: Now, how in the world did you come by this? It is, indeed, one of mine. Might I have it back? I could give you something of greater value in return...
  • Return Koschei's needle to him?
    • Yes.
      • Player receives Koschei's Death Egg.
      • Kharshai: As promised. This relic is akin to the ones I used to, shall we say, not suffer the penalties of dying. This particular egg is bonded with Daemonheim, back when I had reasons to be involved there, but I no longer have need for it.
      • Continues by displaying standard dialogue options as per above
    • No.
      • Kharshai: If you change your mind, you know where to find me.
      • Continues by displaying standard dialogue options as per above