Transcript of Kerapac's tablet

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The tenacity of adventurers is tiresome. I had hoped the storm would stop any from following me, leaving me in peace for the work that needs to be done. Yet they arrived nonetheless and have set up a base camp in the ruins of Orthen's bazaar.

They have so far failed to locate the entrance to the laboratory, but I must be careful not to be seen whenever I need to travel in order to complete my device.

The Needle allowed me to pull forward a version of Orthen from a point in time after the roakin curse, but before my device was destroyed. If I had returned the island pre-curse, my anachronistic kin would have opposed me as they did before. If after my device was destroyed, I would not have been able to recreate it.

Before any adventurers made landfall here, I was able to construct a Chenrath within the laboratory by tapping into the volcano's magma reserves. I can use this for all wastage without attracting undue attention from outside. I have installed a gurney to lower things in safely, including eggs should I need to incubate any.

Thankfully, I have also been able to transport enough hibernating Nodon to the Slancras chamber in my lab. The anima they produce is crucial to the workings of my device.

I would prefer not to use my own kin in this way, but to tap directly into the animasphere would prematurely signal my presence to the roakin. I learned that lesson in the hardest way possible, and I will not make the same mistake a second time.

The Nodon council members and their caretakers can remain undisturbed, hiding in their memories of past glory.

When I have accumulated enough anima from the Nodon, I can inject it into my device to create shadow anima, then feed that directly into the animasphere though the piping in the Bujahepen chamber.

Once the animasphere has been fully corrupted by the shadow anima, and the destroyers themselves destroyed, I will finally be free and have proven my superiority over the roakin.

The security of this project is paramount. To that end, I have installed a kreath takla drakeun[sic], sister to the one abandoned beneath Ullergrax. Her aura provides shielding to keep this lab hidden and protected. She can act as a guardian should that prove to be insufficient.

She will need to be safely contained, so I have placed her within a Fiawara chamber to the north. The code to switch it off being the names of the destroyers, input into pylons in the other chambers, one for each name:

Jas within the Slancras, Ful within the Chenrath, Wen within the Bujahepen and Bik within the Kalistrak.

Four roakin brought this pain-filled universe into existence, and four roakin names will send it into an entropic state - its beginning and its end. There is some Syrtic poetry in that; Sakirth would appreciate that much.

Everything is in place. Once I have harvested enough anima, I shall begin the process. It must reach critical mass before starting, enough to disable the destroyers in my first assault. If they are not sufficiently weakened, their retribution will be absolute.

The Kalistrak has become my home as I sit and write this journal while monitoring all aspects of my device. There is nothing left now but to, as humans might say, 'kill time'. Given I am now the avatar of the Needle, that irony is not lost on me.