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This transcript involves dialogue with Kenton Decarte and the player.

First time[edit | edit source]

  • Kenton Decarte: Hail and well met, adventurer. Have you come to do battle against the shattered worlds? As you haven't entered the worlds before, I should tell you a little about how they work.
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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Kenton Decarte: You have returned. With your aid, we shall diminish the threat of the shattered worlds.
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    • Who are you?

I am the commander of the Abyssal Knights: we are elite soldiers forged from an alliance between the Void Knights and the Temple Knights. Much as the Void Knights defend Gielinor from deadly creatures originating from the void, the Abyssal Knights stem the tide of deadly creatures that pour forth from the abyss.

    • Tell me about these 'shattered worlds'
      • Kenton Decarte: Think of them as 'abyssal tumours'. Shattered worlds are a disease of our own making. Teleportation magic momentary pierces the abyss, allowing anima from different worlds to leak in. Over time, this anima has coalesced into twisted amalgams of worlds travelers have visited. These 'shattered worlds' are inhabited by abyssal creatures, transformed and sustained by consuming otherworldly anima. They are highly dangerous and aggressive to all but their own kind. If the inhabitants of the shattered worlds where to infiltrate our own, the result could be catastrophic.
    • Can you explain how shattered worlds work?
      • Kenton Decarte: The worlds contain unpredictable horrors! To access the standard shattered worlds use the blue portal to my south. My knights will need you to complete a specific objective on each world to help them gain control of it. Once you complete the objective, find the exit portal to the next world. Occasionally, you will find extra objectives in a world. You are not required to do these, but you will be rewarded if you do. As you climb through the worlds the creatures they contain will get exponentially more powerful. You may find you can progress no further without increasing your power. If my knights notice you moving through worlds quickly enough, they will allow you to skip some to put your skills to use where they are most needed. Venturing to a new world can trigger a mutator that applies strange effects to the environment or inhabitants of that world and subsequent worlds. When this happens you have a choice between three mutators. Some will be beneficial to you, some will inhibit your progress and some will do a little of both - choose wisely! Any monster affected by mutators will be marked by our squires with a skull symbol. After every five worlds you will reach the respite of a chest world which will award you some bonus anima. This also acts as a checkpoint and resets your mutators. Once a week, there is a chance of powerful challenge worlds spawning. You can attempt these using the red portal. You can claim large sums of anima by completing these. The quartermaster can reward you for any anima you collect on your journeys through the worlds.
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        • What is this place?
          • Kenton Decarte: Long ago, this temple was constructed to guard a portal to the abyss, and prevent it from opening. Alas, the anima witch has broken the seals binding these portals, and opened the way to the shattered worlds.
          • Player: Tell me about this 'anima witch'.
          • Kenton Decarte: She is an exiled Void Knight... a powerful magic user who discovered the shattered worlds. She has increased her power and reversed her aging process by siphoning corrupted anima. She is also my estranged wife. She blinded me when I caught up to her.
          • Player: What a shocking twist!
          • Kenton Decarte: As I am out of action, the Abyssal Knights need your help to travel through world after world, and defeat the monsters therein. Retrieve as much anima as possible, to help close the portals she has opened, and restore Gielinor's leaking supply.
        • What rewards can I get here?
          • Kenton Decarte: Ah, of course. What adventurer would aid us out of a sense of duty, honour; dare I say 'heroism'? Not you, it seems. If you care not for the abyssal threat, and act only in your own self-interest, then yes, rest assured there is compensation to be found for your 'valuable time'. You shall not find remuneration from me, however. Should that be your motivation, seek out the quartermaster in this camp.
        • Farewell
          • Kenton Decarte: Farewell, adventurer.
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