Transcript of Kennith's Concerns journal entry

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  • I can start this quest by talking to Kennith in Witchaven.
  • Kennith is concerned about new villager activity in the shrine on the outskirts of Witchaven. He would like me to go and investigate.
  • The villagers would not let me investigate their activities. I should probably go back to see Kennith.
  • Kennith doesn't seem very concerned about what I saw in the caves - he was more interested in the whereabouts of his parents.
  • Kent gave me a note; something seems to be wrong. I should find him and investigate.
  • I have discovered that Kent wishes to mee me outside the Legends' Guild.
  • Kent asked me to go and find Kimberly, a little girl living in Witchaven. Kent is worried she might be in danger.
  • Kimberly requested that I accompany her around Witchaven while she looks for her parents.
  • Kimberly wants me to lure the villagers that are surrounding her house to the church and lock them in.
  • I need to follow Kimberly to Kennith's house.
  • I must lure the villagers surrounding Kennith's house to the church and lock them in.
  • I need to follow Kimberly to Ezekial's house.
  • I need to speak to Ezekial to see if he knows anything about what is going on in Witchaven.
  • Ezekial has offered to help me gain access to the guarded mine area under the shrine. I should go and meet him there.
  • I need to get through a heavily-guarded area where the mining work is taking place, in order to find out what the sea slugs are up to. Ezekial has lots of valuable advice to help me get through in one piece.
  • I must find Kennith in Witchaven - he might be in danger.
  • I need to find Kennith's toy train, which Kimberly lost somewhere in Witchaven. I must take the toy train back to Kennith - hopefully it will pacify him.