Dialogue for Kelhar

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Main Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • What is in that cave?
    • Kelhar: Within that cave there are dragons unlike any you may have encountered before. Tipped with gems, they are stronger than the regular dragons you may have faced before. I guard this cave to protect those who may otherwise enter unaware.
      • Let me face them.
        • Kelhar: I shall only let you through if a Slayer master has instructed you to do so... or if you are willing to make a payment.
        • Player: How much do you want?
        • Kelhar: Not in your coins. In gems.
        • Player: There are gems all around us. I'll mine some and be right back.
        • Kelhar: No. I require some a bit more precious. Bring me uncut dragonstone, onyx or an incomplete hydrix and I shall allow you in. With each gem I will allow you to kill a certain amount before you must leave.
        • (dialogue terminates)
      • Thanks for letting me know.
        • (Dialogue terminates)
  • Can I enter the cave?
    • (Same as "Let me face them." above)
  • I'd like to make a payment to enter the cave.
    • If you don't have acceptable payment
      • Kelhar will only accept uncut dragonstone, onyx and incomplete hydrix gems as payment to enter the cave.
    • If you have acceptable payment
      • (Transcript missing. edit)