Dialogue for Karri

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  • (Only if not selected last:)
    • Who are you?
      • Karri: I'm Karri. I was once a great warrior, roaming these lands lost, with no solid purpose. Then one day I met Menowin, and he helped me find a much more fun side to life.
      • Karri: Now, I get to watch people having fun going through this castle course.
      • (Returns to the initial options.)
  • (Only if not selected last:)
    • How does the Agility funhouse work? (With a non-capitalised "Agility" if "Who are you?" was asked last.)
      • Karri: It's so much fun! You get to run around a crazy castle and slide down snakes, and dodge obstacles. Its[sic] like the happiest workout ever.
      • (Only in 2017:)
        • You will be charged 10 tokens when you start a lap of the funhouse.
        • (Continues below.)
      • You will receive Agility XP for each obstacle, and then a chunk of XP when you reach the end.
      • (Returns to the initial options.)
  • (Only if not selected last:)
    • How are things going?
      • Karri: Life is so full of fun for me now. I recommend forgetting your cares and having a few trips around the castle!
      • Karri: I sneak in a few laps myself when people aren't looking.
      • (Returns to the initial options.)