Dialogue for Karl

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This transcript involves dialogue with Karl and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

When talking to Karl in Keldagrim.

  • Karl: Hello there, human! Come in, come in!
  • Player: Hi, nice to see you!
  • Karl: Tell me, what brings you here?
  • Player: Well, first I came to this city just for the adventure and excitement, but then I knocked over this statue, you see. Well, I didn't really knock it over myself, I was on this boat.
  • Karl: A boat! Fascinating, go on!
  • Player: Yes, well, this boatman was a bit rubbish, or there was something wrong with the ship, I don't know. And then I got arrested by the Black Guard.
  • Karl: Not the Black Guard!
  • Player: Yes, and they took me to this Veldaban person, who pretended to be really angry but actually he was really nice and he asked me for my help. And after a whole lot of running around, I finally managed to get the statue to be rebuilt.
  • Karl: Such an interesting tale! Now how did you come to be in Keldagrim again?
  • Player: Never mind.