Dialogue for Karaday

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Initial conversation[edit | edit source]

If the player has enough favour for trading sticks and have not traded favour for trading sticks in a while with Karaday:

  • Karaday: Hey, I've seen you working around the village. You've been doing a lot of good work around here for us. Let me give you something for your trouble.
  • Hands you trading sticks
  • (Continues below)

Subsequent conversation[edit | edit source]

After initial conversation above:

  • Select An Option
    • What do you do here?
      • Player: What do you do here?
      • Karaday: Oh, I'm a fisherman by trade and I sometimes help out my father, Safta Doc.
      • (Shows previous options)
    • Is there anything interesting to do here?
      • Player: Is there anything interesting to do around here?
      • NPC may say any one of the following at random:
        • Dialogue 1:
          • Karaday: I'm just enjoying the sunshine, Bwana. Try asking Murcaily.
          • (Dialogue ends)
        • Dialogue 2:
          • Karaday: Well, I think that there's some work to be done...perhaps Murcaily can help you. He usually tends to the hardwood grove to the east of Trufitus' hut.
          • (Dialogue ends)
        • Dialogue 3:
          • Karaday: Sorry Bwana, I'm already busy, why not go and talk to Murcally! He's around the village somewhere.
          • (Dialogue ends)
        • Dialogue 4:
          • Karaday: Bwana, if anyone else asks me that question today, I'll explode! Go and ask Murcaily!
          • (Dialogue ends)
    • I've been doing some work around the village.
      • Player: I've been doing some work around the village.
      • Karaday: I've already given you some trading sticks and I don't have any more on me at the moment. Why not go and talk to some of the other villagers and get some contributions?
      • (Dialogue ends)
    • Ok, thanks.
      • Player: Ok, thanks.
      • (Dialogue ends)