Dialogue for Kamfreena

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  • Talk about advanced defenders.
    • Kamfreena: My eye sees you have yourself a dragon defender!
    • Player: Is that another cyclops pun?
    • Kamfreena: Sorry. Force of habit. I have heard that if you take the dragon defender with you to a certain challenge you can get even better defenders!
    • Player: Any hints on where?
    • Kamfreena: I heard of a group of brothers, east of Mort'ton. Rumors say they have Corruption sigil that is used in the construction of the defender!
    • Player: Any other information?
    • Kamfreena: It's also said that you can construct ranged and magic versions too, and all these defenders can get you even more powerful ones!
    • Player: Wow, that's incredible! How do you know about those?
    • Kamfreena: I like to keep my eye on things.
    • Player: Stop that.
    • Kamfreena: Sorry.
    • Player: Where are the others?
    • Kamfreena: Nex has an Ancient emblem that can be combined with a Chaotic splint can get you an advanced defender in your choice of combat style.
    • Player: Oooo, any more?
    • Kamfreena: Of course, the best defenders I've heard of are made from perfect chitin from the Kalphite King. Just like the other defenders, you'll need to bring along the previous defender or better for a chance to get the required pieces.
    • Player: Great! Thanks!
  • Talk about Kamfreena.
  • Talk about the cyclopses.