Dialogue for K'klik

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Parting Gift[edit | edit source]

  • The world begins to fade...
  • Player: What happened? I rubbed that coin and everything went black!
  • K'klik: Who are you? You're not the hero I gave my token to!
  • K'klik: How did you get that coin you used to summon me?
  • Player: I took it from the dead body of a black dragon.
  • Player: I didn't realise what it would do if I rubbed it.
  • Player: Who, or what, are you anyway?
  • K'klik: My name is K'klik. I am a Fairy Dragon.
  • K'klik: One of the last surviving members of my race, I fear.
  • K'klik: Enough of that: you summoned me, so how can I help?
  • Player: I'm afraid I don't understand.
  • K'klik: The person who holds my token can summon me by rubbing it.
  • K'klik: They then have the right to request one thing of me before returning my token.
  • Player: So I can ask one thing of you?
  • K'klik: That's right. What do you want?
    • Player: Please flambe this creme brulee for me.
      • K'klik: Sure, that's easy.
        • If you aren't wearing ice gloves
          • K'klik: I think you need to wear some sort of protective gloves, otherwise I'll flambé your arm.
            • Player: Go ahead, I'll be fine.
              • K'klik: Okay, if you're sure.
            • Player: What gloves do you have in mind?
              • K'klik: A pair of ice gloves should do the trick.
            • Player: I'll go fetch them then. [If the above option is chosen]
        • If you're wearing ice gloves
          • Your ice gloves completely protect your hands from the heat of the dragon's breath.
        • If you're under the effects of an antifire potion
          • Your potion protects you from the heat of the dragon's breath!
      • The dragon's token has vanished from your backpack.
    • Player: Could I just keep your token for when I really need it, please?
      • K'klik: I suppose that seems fair. Alright, just call me when you need me.
    • Player: Can I wish for some xp?
      • K'klik: Sorry, can't help. You'll have to ask the genie for that.
    • Player: I'd like a horse, please.
      • K'klik: No horses in RuneScape. Try again.