Dialogue for Junior Cadet Mal

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At Mobilising Armies[edit | edit source]

Starting the tutorial for the first time[edit | edit source]

  • Player: What's the matter?
  • Junior Cadet Mal: Oh, such a crisis here at A.R.M.S.!
    • Can I help?
      • Player: Can I help?
      • Junior Cadet Mal: Really? Rebellious mercenaries have made away with a cache of A.R.M.S.'s battle supplies, and all the other commanders are fighting a far-away battle. I've been left to 'hold the fort', but, being just one man, I don't think I can retrieve the stolen supplies.
      • Player: Don't worry, we'll sort this out.
      • Junior Cadet Mal: Great, let's go! There's no time to lose.
        • (Mobilising Armies Tutorial begins)
    • What's A.R.M.S.?
      • Player: What's A.R.M.S.?
      • Junior Cadet Mal: The Army Recruitment and Mobilisation Society. We're here to make sure all war heroes and warriors can earn a living through honourable combat.
        • (Returns to previous options)

Continuing the tutorial upon interruption[edit | edit source]

  • Junior Cadet Mal: You're back! I still need your help with the battle.
    • Okay, let's do this.
      • (Mobilising Armies Tutorial continues)
    • Maybe some other time.
      • Player: Maybe some other time.
      • Junior Cadet Mal: Oh no, what am I to do?

Continuing officer training upon interruption[edit | edit source]

  • So, can I continue with the officer training?
    • Player:  So, can I continue with the officer training?
    • Junior Cadet Mal:  Certainly!
      • (Officer training continues)
  • Sorry, wrong person.
    • Player:  Sorry, wrong person.
    • Junior Cadet Mal:  Oh, okay.

After completing the tutorial and officer training[edit | edit source]

  • Junior Cadet Mal:  How might I help you?
    • Extra training.
      • Junior Cadet Mal:  These are optional, remember.
        • (Extra Lessons opens)
    • Invest commodities.
      • (Investment Credit Exchange opens)
    • What are commodities?
      • (Commodities list opens)
    • Nothing, thanks.
      • Player:  Nothing, thanks.