Dialogue for Junior Cadet Grimeface

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  • Player: Hi. It looks like you're planning a complex battle?
  • Junior Cadet Grimeface: We talking tactics. Trying to make tactic that beat any opponent.
  • Player: That sounds somewhat impossible.
  • Junior Cadet Grimeface: Nothing impossible. Nothing at all.
  • Player: So, what's the tactic?
  • Junior Cadet Grimeface: I can tell, but remember it a work in progress.
  • Player: Of course, I understand.
  • Junior Cadet Grimeface: Okay. The plan start with running at them.
  • Player: Running at them?
  • Junior Cadet Grimeface: Yes, and shout 'Die, die!' at top of our voices. Then, when the enemy least expects, we do what they least expect.
  • Player: And that is?
  • Junior Cadet Grimeface: Attack them!
  • Player: Hmmm, that sounds rather basic and predictable, but good luck.