Dialogue for Julienne, Emissary of Saradomin

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  • Julienne, Emissary of Saradomin: I am Julienne. I have been a priestess of Saradomin for several years, and I am here to act as his emissary. I would be happy to help you understand the wisdom of Saradomin, if you have questions. Also, you can declare your allegiance to Saradomin. If you do so, I may have some work for your.
  • Can you tell me about Saradomin?
    • Player: Can you tell me about Saradomin?
    • Julienne, Emissary of Saradomin: What do you want to know about Sardomin?
    • Who is Saradomin?
      • Player: : Who is Saradomin?
      • Julienne, Emissary of Saradomin:  Saradomin is the great protector - the god of light and order. He is first among the gods. Saradomin has more followers than any other god on Gielinor, and he has returned to protect us from evil and chaos.
    • Why should I follow Saradomin?
      • Player: : Why should I follow Saradomin?
      • Julienne, Emissary of Saradomin:  Saradomin is the guardian of us all. Under his protection, you need never fear chaos or evil. Through the grace of Saradomin, we will all achieve peace and security.
    • What does Saradomin want?
      • Player: : What does Saradomin want?
      • Julienne, Emissary of Saradomin:  Saradomin is the one true god. This is his world, and he will watch over us all. He wants us to be safe. He will banish all other gods, so we can live on his world in peace - and in his glory!
  • I want to declare my support for Saradomin!
    • Julienne, Emissary of Saradomin:  That’s wonderful! On behalf of Saradomin’s followers, I welcome you. Please, take this banner to show your support. I have a gift for you: a book of stories regarding the gods. Please, read it. Even in the misguided tenets of others, there is something to be learned through comparison. The book is not yet complete, however. When you complete some jobs I will give you more pages.
The emissary gives you the Book of the Gods.

Jobs and rewards[edit | edit source]