Transcript of Journal (Slayer Tower)

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Jump to navigation Jump to search we're moving the food supplies up to the top floors where they won't get so damp.

There are nearly two dozen mages here now, with more joining us daily. With our combined knowledge and power, we should be able to summon forth a plentiful supply of creatures to fight in Lord Zamorak's armies.

I understand this place used to be a fortress, built in the Second Age by General Viggora himself. A great swordsman and loyal servant of Zamorak he may have been, but he clearly didn't know how to lay foundations!

We've found all kinds of plaques and symbols from that time, honouring the god Viggora worshipped before he turned to Lord Zamorak. some of our younger mages want to deface them, they say we shouldn't permit symbols of that god in a Zamorakian facility. I suppose their fervour is admirable.

We've brought forth some truly awe-inspiring creatures here. The nechryaels are my favourite: demons of death that can spawn their own familiars. They make extremely effective additions to the armies of Lord Zamorak.

The Aberrant spectres are useful too, although their stench is hard to bear - I'm glad I don't have to fight alongside them myself!

The demand from the armies for reinforcements is insatiable and we must work very hard to bring forth enough creatures. Nonetheless, this is vital to Lord Zamorak's war efforts - this isn't a training exercise!

We need to develop new ideas to keep ahead of our enemies. We need to find new creatures, new spells, new technologies to make the Saradominists flee in terror. This fortress is a laboratory of discovery, pushing back the boundaries of knowledge for the greater glory of Zamorak!

Indeed we have an exciting experiment planned for tomorrow. We've been joined by a powerful mage who says she has discovered a way to modify a teleportation spell. By interrupting the teleportation spell at the right moment, she says we'll open a magic portal.

She claims she did it before, by accident, and before her portal collapsed she glimpsed an alien, purple-hued realm filled with a vast array of vicious creatures. She hopes that our combined power will be able to open a more stable portal, so that we can reach though and turn those creatures to the service of Lord Zamorak.

We'll perform the spell upstairs, in one of the corner turrets. I don't want to do it in our principal summoning room; untested magic often makes a mess.