Dialogue for Jofridr Mordstatter

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  • Jofridr Mordstatter: Hello there. Would you like to see the goods I have for sale?
  • Select An Option
    • Yes please, Jofridr
      • Player: Yes please, Jofridr.
      • Jofridr's store opens.
    • No thank you, Jofridr
      • Player: No thank you, Jofridr.
      • Jofridr Mordstatter: Fair thee well.
    • Why do you have so much wool in your store?
      • Player: Why do you have so much wool in your store? I haven't seen any sheep anywhere.
      • Jofridr Mordstatter: Ah, I have contacts on the mainland. I have a sailor friend who brings me crates of wool on a regular basis.
      • Player: What do you trade for it?
      • Jofridr Mordstatter: Rope of course! What else can we sell? Fish would go off before it got so far south.
      • Player: Where does all this rope go?
      • Jofridr Mordstatter: Err, I don't remember the name of the place very well. Dreinna? Drennor? Something like that.
      • Player: That's very interesting. Thanks Jofridr.