Dialogue for Jimmy

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This transcript involves dialogue with Jimmy and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

When speaking to Jimmy in the Warrior's Guild

  • Jimmy: 'Ello there.
  • Select an option
    • Tell me about this room.
      • Player: Tell me about this room?
      • Jimmy: Well... s'like thish... Thish here'sh a shtore room right?
      • Player: A store roorr. you mean?
      • Jimmy: That'sh what I shaid! *HIC* A shtore room.... Now technic'ly shpeaking, I should be outshide guarding it...
      • Player: But you just nipped in to have a quick drink?
      • Jimmy: Yep... and to practish.
      • Player: Practish? I mean.. practise what?
      • Jimmy: Keg balancin. I'm the besht.
        • (Shows previous options)
    • Tell me how to balance kegs.
      • Player: Tell me how to balance kegs?
      • Jimmy: Yer very very shtrange. But.... you pick the keg up, and balance it on yer head, then you pick another keg up and put that on top. S'really very eashy.
      • Player: Eashy?
      • Jimmy: Yesh. Eashy.
      • Jimmy pauses for a short moment, causing the dialogue bar to briefly disappear, before continuing
      • Jimmy: But you couldn't ever balansh ash many ash meee!
      • Player: That sounds like a challenge, I'll show you!
        • (Shows previous options)
    • What's with the multicoloured furniture?
      • Player: What's with the multicoloured furniture?
      • Jimmy: Keg tag. S'my invenshun.
      • Player: Keg tag? How does that work?
      • Jimmy: Eashy. Balance kegsh on yer head, then shee if you can tag the coloured shtuff in order, before you loshe control of yer kegsh.
      • Player: So, I put some kegs on my head, then go around tagging each of the coloured furniture in order. Sounds easy! What do I get?
      • Jimmy: Well...I could teash yer shumfin' abou' strength.
      • Player: Knowledge in strength. Hmm, could be useful.
        • (Shows previous options)
    • Bye!
      • Player: Bye!
      • Jimmy: Shure you wouldn't like an ickle drinkie fore yer go?
      • Player: No thanks, got things to do, people to see, tokens to earn...