Transcript of Jessika memory half (Korasi)

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This could be my chance! The department has had a request from the Void Knights via Professor Melville - I think he's one of the wizards from upstairs - to look into void pest portal magic. From his letter he seemed very nice. Perhaps we could find a way to close them for good and save the world!

Anyway. Studying void pest portals means a field trip to the Void Knight outpost at the very least, and that means seeing all the knights and all the training they do and the battles they fight ... from the safety of a lander, of course, I'm not dim!

Well, there's no researcher at the tower who knows more about portal magic than me. I'd warrant there's not many wizards either, apart from Isidor and Sedridor. Maybe that Ariane, but she was a know-it-all anyway and a Zamorak worshipper besides.

I'm going to volunteer for that study right away!