Dialogue for Jellyfish Mender Judd

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This transcript involves dialogue with Jellyfish Mender Judd and the player.

Normal dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Jellyfish Mender Judd: Hey there!
  • Select an option
    • What's your story?
      • Player: So, what's your story? What do you do here?
      • Jellyfish Mender Judd: I love it out here! I came here to make money and catch big fish, but I stayed for the peace and the calm the ocean brings to my mind and the camaraderie amongst the people here. This collaborative spirit inspired me to start combining parts of jellyfish for the other fisherfolk. I want to do my part to turn this place into a fishing utopia!
      • Player: Don't you ever get seasick on these platforms?
      • Jellyfish Mender Judd: Never! To me, it feels as if I'm cradled soothingly by the ocean, night and day.
      • Player: Not sure my stomach agrees...
      • (Shows initial options)
    • Can you combine some jellyfish for me?
      • If the player has jellyfish to combine
        • Jellyfish Mender Judd: There you go.
        • (Dialogue ends)
      • If the player does not have jellyfish to combine
        • Jellyfish Mender Judd: Sorry, I don't know how to combine anything that you're carrying.
        • (Dialogue ends)

Overhead dialogue[edit | edit source]

One of the following lines is said at random:

  • Jellyfish Mender Judd: I love to help my fellow fisherfolk.
  • Jellyfish Mender Judd: Let's create a fishing utopia!
  • Jellyfish Mender Judd: I'll mend your broken jellyfish.
  • Jellyfish Mender Judd: Bring out your jellyfish pieces!
  • (Transcript missing. edit)