Dialogue for Jaraah

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  • Player: Hi!
  • Jaraah: What? Can't you see I'm busy?
    • Can you heal me?
      • Jaraah: Okay. This will hurt you more than it will me.
        • If at full health:
          • Jaraah: You look healthy to me!
        • If not at full health:
          • You feel a little better.
    • You must see some gruesome things.
      • Jaraah: It's a gruesome business, and, with the tools they give me, it gets more gruesome before it gets better.
    • Why do they call you 'The Butcher'?
      • Jaraah: 'The Butcher'? Ha! Would you like me to demonstrate?
      • Player: Er... I'll give it a miss, thanks.