Transcript of Jagex Mods Pronounce RuneScape words - part 2

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] doc careful how you say that one
[00:03] yeah ready proof
[00:16] Diddy prifddinas friskiness proof
[00:19] thermos prifddinas a no a on a on the
[00:29] seagrass via a on isaac rice fell i so
[00:34] much wealth
[00:35] my wife is welsh speaks a bit like this
[00:37] dilwynn deal with Dillon odd are doing
[00:43] but it's just Rd everybody knows that
[00:45] are don't are doing Odie do Dinko Joe
[00:50] Dinko do Dinko amazing shujinko so
[00:54] whenever I kill and I got a dinkle with
[00:56] us phylidia fruit blades here flaky and
[01:00] Screwtape flag Ian's fruit Flavians
[01:03] fruit sounds like an itchy disease I've
[01:07] got a flake in Street
[01:09] Twilight toy late
[01:11] I really have those no reference to all
[01:13] my figures miles depending reference
[01:15] here Twilight to elect will deworm will
[01:19] deworm will deworm wild deem oh well do
[01:23] we room Rudy we're obviously have to do
[01:29] phlegm has cannot half gainer hush
[01:33] cannot miss ER e who's missing yari
[01:39] mizzu yari
[01:41] sorry you misery foxcat bill talk cat
[01:47] dill toxic l-dog Ashton
[01:52] Doris Khan doggish card George gun
[01:56] something like that
[01:57] half a sneeze owes as banal as burn
[02:03] their of ban of borning us for own it
[02:13] oz on dare was born air or oboe and
[02:32] again some of these words stupid
[02:43] you