Transcript of Jagex Emergency Broadcast

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] the threat level was raised to critical
[00:03] yesterday which is the highest measure
[00:05] possible in the United Kingdom the
[00:08] heightened threat level is due to the
[00:09] sheer severity of the events and suing
[00:12] spread of violence infected possession
[00:14] in human spirit strength and seemingly
[00:17] appear to feel no surviving citizens are
[00:23] encouraged to abandon their homes and
[00:24] workplaces and make their way to alpha
[00:26] base immediately we advise that you
[00:29] avoid major transportation links as
[00:31] they've been constricted with crippling
[00:33] traffic volumes and the high density of
[00:35] citizens can make them attractive
[00:36] targets for those currently infected
[00:43] the military is warned citizens to
[00:45] exercise extreme caution at all times
[00:48] during this heightened threat level we
[00:51] regret to inform you that the chance of
[00:53] survival for those of you unable to
[00:55] reach alpha base is extremely low