Dialogue for Jack Oval

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  • Jack Oval: You need to make things. Leather. Pottery. Every piece you make will increase your skill.
    • I need Crafting supplies.
    • I need you to tan some leather for me.
      • Opens Crafting interface for Tanner
    • Tell me about Crafting and other artisan skills.
      • Jack Oval: Crafting is the most versatile skill by far. You can make leather armour, pottery, jewellery and even glasswork. If you ever get as good as me, you'll be able to perform extraordinary feats like making armour from the hides of dragons!
        • Tell me about Fletching.
          • Jack Oval: Fletching is about making bows and arrows. The better you are at it, and the better the quality of your materials, the better the result. Every bow and every arrow you make will increase your skill. If you expect to spend any time as an archer you'll want to ensure you have the arrows you need. Most people have no appreciation for how many arrows an army goes through every day. We could really use your help re-supplying them.
        • Tell me about Smithing.
          • Jack Oval: Smithing is all about making weapons. And armour! The better you are at smithing, the higher the quality of the metal you can work with and the better the resulting items are. Every bar of metal you smelt and every metal item you smith will improve your abilities. As well as being able to make gear directly, some of the most powerful ancient relics need an expert smith to reassemble their fragmented parts. Burthrope militia need to be kept well supplied with arms and armour. It falls to smiths to meet that need.
        • (back)
          • (loops back to initial options)
    • Tell me about the skills menu.
      • Opens the skill menu tutorial
    • Farewell.