Dialogue for Ivy Sophista

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  • If you have completed While Guthix Sleeps
    • Ask about 'While Guthix Sleeps'.
      • Player Hello Ivy, how's everything going?
      • Ivy Sophista Oh Player! I've heard of your exploits from Thaerisk...not everything of course, but he was saying how incredibly brave you were during the whole mission! Well done!
  • Ask about the chest.
    • Ivy Sophista That chest? Oh, it's simply here for safekeeping. We keep it here as a reward for determined treasure-seekers who find both key halves and assemble them into the crystal key which can open the chest!
    • Ivy Sophista Also...I have heard rumours of a great treasure even harder to obtain than this one. Spread around the world are fragments of the elusive crystal triskelion key.
    • Ivy Sophista Find them, and use the key to locate the hidden chest, and the treasure is yours!
  • Ask about herself.
    • Player What do you do here?
    • Ivy Sophista Ah, well, I'm keeping an eye on things. Making sure nothing unexpected happens.
    • Player That's reassuring.
    • Ivy Sophista One day I hope it will be.