Transcript of It a Knockout

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It a Knockout

Had to get the next one right first time. Couldn't make Bandos angry again, might not survive to graduate and go home. Talked to Ekeleshuun, they tell me of silly masks they wore to scare enemy. That not good enough. Just silly masks, all greenskin do this.

One Ekelesh made joke about Big HEAD War God. I smack him - can't say that! It not respectful; also get you killed. But it did give me an idea. Big head mask would be silly, not scary. Maybe I make Bandos laugh again. Thought some more. He always saying how other gods stupid, so I set to work, and with Ekelesh make big head masks of bird brain and blue man gods, also demon man.

Put them on gobbos when done and it funnier than expected. Masks so big they can't even see. They flailing around wildly, bumping into stuff, tripping up. Some of those watching pee self with laughing. I think Bandos gonna love this, so I take it to him. He not react right away, but also not angry, and did not give new rules. Felt silent for ages, but eventually he just said we try it out.

Come Crucible games day and I think even Bandos may have peed himself with laughing. Was roaring success, even though death count was record low. Gobbos barely seeing each other make it harder for them to hit each other. Happy on both counts. Doing good job and staying alive.

-Dorgeshuun Crucible Champion