Dialogue for Irwin Feaselbaum

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This transcript involves dialogue with Irwin Feaselbaum and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

When speaking to Irwin Feaselbaum at the Necromancer Tower.

  • Irwin Feaselbaum: Can I help you?
  • Choose an option
    • What do you do here?
      • Irwin Feaselbaum: I help the main man over there. He can get a bit cantankerous. Every now and then he'll just start attacking people without warning. I act as a sort of home help...
      • Player: How do you mean, home help?
      • Irwin Feaselbaum: Well, sometimes he'll fly right off the handle and just start, you know, 'raising the dead' to do his 'bidding'. That kind of activity is just so anti-social, so it tends to attract a lot of hero types, you know!
      • Player: Yes, yes, I know the sort. Full of themselves, aren't they?
      • Irwin Feaselbaum: Exactly! They come in shouting 'Have at thee!' and 'Death to you, evil one!' It's all a bit too dramatic for me, to be honest. Anyway, he'll often end up getting killed, then nothing gets done around the house while he's awaiting his mortal return.
      • Player: Mortal return? Sounds interesting.
      • Irwin Feaselbaum: Well, it's kind of interesting the first few times, but it's like falling off a bike...
      • Player: What, you graze your knees a lot?
      • Irwin Feaselbaum: I was going to say that you soon get fed up with it. I guess it's one of those perks of the job, though, the ability to raise yourself from the dead. You'd think he'd do better things with a gift like that, but all he does is get angry at people who come into his house without being invited, and then he's off again 'raising the dead'.
      • Player: Thank you.
    • No thanks.
      • Irwin Feaselbaum: Okay. Please don't upset the boss while you're here.