Transcript of Investigator's note

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Investigator's Notes

Another case of a vampyre being torn to shreds in some abandoned house. I've seen three cases like this in as many months. I don't know what could do this. A demon, perhaps, but why would they? There's no burning smell, no indication of ritual or contract. Another vampyre could do it - certainly they'd have the strength - but there's no blood loss and the vampyre clans have been working well together in the city. A human just hasn't got the strength for it, not even with the best weapons. Besides, it's more bestial than martial.

The wounds are like claw marks. The flesh is ripped and torn, not sliced. The blows are full of fury, not precision. It wasn't a trained warrior. It's like an animal attack did this. Certainly that would explain the wolf hair I've found lying around.

But the scariest thing are the footprints. Small, light footprints, like a child, or perhaps several children. There seem to be at least three sets of prints around the room, all converging on where the corpse ended up. But the footprints seem to deform and change, becoming paw prints like some dread animal. I've heard legends of people that could transform into beasts, but I've never seen anything so savage as this.

Finally, there's the message by the corpse. It was made in blood, like someone took a finger and dipped it into a wound to write. Four strange words. 'This is for Jelly,' though I have no idea why someone would commit such a brutal act over a dessert.

I've got no good leads here. I'll just have to file it away with the other strange cases. The Empty Children strike again, I guess.