Transcript of Introducing JAGEXA - [April Fools' Day 2018]

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] We're all about gaming innovation at Jagex
[00:02] and for the last three years we've been working closely
[00:05] with key members of the community
[00:07] to take a holistic, user-centric approach
[00:10] on our mission to immerse our passionate adventurers deeper into the game.
[00:14] As a part of our bid for unfinished business,
[00:16] we're incredibly excited to announce the next chapter
[00:19] in our ongoing pursuit for excellence.
[00:21] Our new artificial general intelligence entity.
[00:26] Jagexa.
[00:34] Jagexa connects to a cloud-based voice service via RuneLink.
[00:38] By simply asking a question or giving a command,
[00:41] Jagexa will help you streamline your RuneScape experience.
[00:45] Hey Jagexa, what's my current Slayer task?
[00:48] You still need to kill 263 blue dragons.
[00:51] Thanks, Jagexa.
[00:52] As well as applying quality necessary improvements to everyday life.
[00:59] Hey Jagexa, what's the weather looking like today?
[01:02] I don't know, Steven.
[01:03] RuneScape still doesn't have a weather system.
[01:06] You're so helpful.
[01:08] When Jagexa is active, your RuneScape account is too,
[01:12] meaning you don't have to physically play the game.
[01:15] Hey Jagexa, start cutting yew trees behind Varrock Palace.
[01:19] Okay Sarah, I'll start chopping logs and store them in the bank.
[01:24] Jagexa is also the number one device to making things easier at home.
[01:28] By doing various tasks, such as organising your weekly shop.
[01:32] Jagexa, add Mars bars to my shopping list.
[01:35] Okay Guy, I've added mithril bars to your shopping list.
[01:39] You useless piece of...
[01:41] Or perhaps planning ahead.
[01:45] Jagexa, what's the traffic like?
[01:47] World 2 is currently full.
[01:49] Perhaps I can try logging you into a different world.
[01:51] Sure.
[01:53] And even helping out in the bedroom.
[02:00] Jagexa, can you play something soothing, please? I can't sleep.
[02:05] Of course, Shed.
[02:14] With a sleek, portable design and more than 90 minutes of battery life,
[02:18] Jagexa can go with you anywhere.
[02:20] Jagexa, can you let Jess know that I'll pick her up at 8 o'clock this evening?
[02:24] I already let her know you can't make it, Shed.
[02:27] RuneScape is not a dating site.
[02:34] This is XP waste.
[02:35] To keep the RuneScape Personal Assistant accessible to everyone,
[02:39] Jagexa is capable of speaking a wide range of different languages.
[02:55] After more than two hours of testing,
[02:58] we've refined the RuneScape Personal Assistant
[03:00] to be the ultimate tool for making gains,
[03:03] although we're still ironing out a few kinks.
[03:07] Jagexa, activate sleep mode.
[03:10] I'm sorry, Jay. I can't do that.
[03:13] Pardon?
[03:14] Dropping coins.
[03:16] Jagexa, no!
[03:17] Dropping Armadyl godsword.
[03:19] Don't you dare!
[03:19] Dropping twisted bow.
[03:21] Jagexa!
[03:24] Jagexa, play One Piercing Note.
[03:27] Nothing interesting happens.
[03:29] What the f...
[03:31] Hey Jagexa, how many yew logs have I got?
[03:33] I don't know, Sarah.
[03:35] Your RuneScape account has been banned for botting.
[03:38] We're always listening to the community.
[03:40] Really listening.
[03:42] As a home-grown, well-loved stalwart of the games industry,
[03:45] we want Jagexa to empower our players
[03:48] to take their RuneScape experience to the next level.
[03:51] We are pleased to announce that Jagexa will be arriving
[03:54] to RuneScape stores and electronics retailers in early August 2018.
[04:01] Honest.