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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] 10 years ago, we created Jagex and with it, a passion for producing the best and most accessible gaming experience possible.
[00:16] A decade later and nothing's changed, we're still constantly looking at new ways to immerse oneself into gaming.
[00:21] Me? I've always had a passion for control methods.
[00:24] Kinect, Move, touch-screens, VR headsets... There are so many tools that
[00:29] kind of, sort of, bring the game experience closer to you
[00:34] If you ask me, the biggest obstacle to immersion for new players, are buttons.
[00:39] But they are everywhere: one button to pick up a weapon, another to use it.
[00:43] We want to make buttons extinct by releasing a controller that is both accessible and immersive.
[00:48] We believe we've designed that controller and today, I'm proud to reveal a prototype version
[00:53] which will be in the Jagex Store for Christmas 2012.
[00:56] JagMotion.
[01:06] JagMotion is so exciting because it allows us to connect the player to their avatar in ways we never imagined possible.
[01:14] The first thing that hits you when you see JagMotion is the "MDS"
[01:18] the Movement Detection Suit.
[01:20] We've created a one size fits all suit that when worn by the player,
[01:24] replicates every move their avatar makes.
[01:29] Because of its balls design, you don't need a camera monitoring your movements
[01:33] the suit does it all for you.
[01:36] So as you walk, your character walks.
[01:40] Jump, and your character jumps too
[01:43] As you dance, you avatar dances along with you
[01:48] Not all gaming actions are straight forward of course
[01:51] but thanks to an intuitive action vocabulary of over 1300 simple actions,
[01:58] the player can accomplish the most complex of tasks.
[02:01] Players can enjoy the grind of skilling through simple repeatable actions.
[02:06] Suddenly mining, firing ranged weapons and agility all take on whole new lives that really put the player in the heart of the action.
[02:16] It's like being there.
[02:21] We're really excited by the real world benefits that JagMotion can bring you.
[02:24] On release, two exercise routines will be available from launch for use with RuneScape
[02:28] including an emote based exercise regime.
[02:30] Moving the body with the suit is groundbreaking but with JagMotion, that's just the beginning.
[02:36] Pressure and brainwave sensors mounted in the headset and recognition balls on the player's chin
[02:40] combine to recognise the player's facial status at any given point.
[02:45] The information is passed to the suit's 'face book' which compares the face made to a database
[02:50] of face shapes that are then relayed back to the game in text.
[02:57] If your avatar is sad, you can let people know
[03:00] Happy, you can communicate that.
[03:04] And through just a tweak of the face, you can ask a shopkeeper if they have armour available in a smaller size
[03:11] On top of brainwave sensors, we're really proud to bring voice recognition to JagMotion.
[03:16] Saying what you want your avatar to do and then watching it do as it's told is a great way to feel in total
[03:22] Cook! Cook! Cook!
[03:25] And because accents change around the world,
00:03:27,871 --> 00:02:33,267
JagMotion's voice sensors allow the player to customise the sound board to whatever feels most comfortable
[03:36] When you look at the voice and facial recognition control combined with the unbelievable one size fits all body suit,
[03:43] you can see why we're excited.
[03:45] Finally, a full control balls based solution that really puts the player into the game will be here this Christmas.
[03:52] I'm sure you're as excited by the prospect as we are.
[03:55] And at just $479.99, JagMotion is a piece of kit that ensures anyone who wears it,
[04:01] becomes more than just a controller,
[04:03] they'll be an incredible tool.