Transcript of Inside Jagex Games Studio - Mark Gerhard interview Pt1

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] hi there multiple I'm here for Miss Kate
[00:02] community management back in October we
[00:04] said that we can introduce you to some
[00:05] of the people around the studio we're
[00:07] going to get your questions and fire
[00:09] them at them with a big quiz gun
[00:10] well newb show and exhale we're here not
[00:12] that long ago and they managed to corner
[00:14] mark get hard as CEO into a room and
[00:16] they Kristen and they Kristen hard so
[00:18] hard that we had to split the video into
[00:20] two sections here's the first bit I was
[00:24] talking to this message really and they
[00:26] said there's no beta test here and I was
[00:27] like cleared usage is that something you
[00:29] guys are looking into were you listening
[00:31] you know what we've done is more and
[00:34] more ambitious projects as we've got now
[00:37] we have you know dedicated people just
[00:39] in the brief balance because I'm sure
[00:42] you can imagine it was thousands
[00:43] sometimes millions of permutations
[00:45] depending one days so for something like
[00:48] that
[00:48] sure Beata meters would be brilliant
[00:51] it's technically possible we're talking
[00:54] about it timeline to come out but I
[00:57] think yeah as we get along we would like
[01:00] to get to the point where we can start
[01:03] certain bits of very complex content how
[01:07] much influence and monitoring you do on
[01:09] competitive games like yours how does
[01:11] that affect you for advancement and
[01:13] ideas and technologies it's a good push
[01:16] I would say most if not all of the staff
[01:18] here are avid gamers and not just plain
[01:21] runescape but to be multiple console is
[01:25] to play across that spectrum and yeah
[01:27] avidly player competitive games I think
[01:29] that's just because of the nature of who
[01:31] they are that's sure that's not really
[01:33] scientific business research and going
[01:36] okay what is the pros and cons of
[01:38] reading scape over Wow
[01:42] and actually in Venice one or two of the
[01:44] guys on the dirt refused absolutely
[01:45] games actually refused to look at any
[01:48] other games because they don't want so
[01:49] you've got tainted inspiration they
[01:51] wanted to be their ideas from the onset
[01:54] so so there's this a bit of a mishmash I
[01:56] sadly playing and have an amount of
[01:58] games across across genres and platforms
[02:02] we do have a reasonably good track of
[02:06] who the scald the movers and shakers are
[02:09] in the online space and we'll probably
[02:12] look more to the online space than just
[02:14] traditional retail gaming teams
[02:18] Xbox games appear three games because we
[02:21] can certainly feel that with the future
[02:22] it's not just over there but but I
[02:24] suppose it should be more scientific
[02:26] than that that's probably no it's just
[02:27] hey these guys to do some cool good talk
[02:30] to them uh Europe you release our work
[02:34] on your website like every month or
[02:36] something great how you ever thought
[02:38] about doing that with videos like
[02:40] displaying like oh maybe I should now go
[02:42] for the first time ever again who's
[02:49] starting your snow done though shouldn't
[02:52] village have three months yeah so we've
[02:54] got someone on board the idea is
[02:56] actually you know as we actually just
[02:57] push through our wish list of all the
[02:59] things more videos for you actually able
[03:01] to stop the video developer Diaries and
[03:06] I think yet some point bless you saw
[03:08] having you know capital I'll bring it
[03:11] out later on so she stopped giving video
[03:14] long time can you tell us the details
[03:16] about mechs Cape what is coming out what
[03:18] it's gonna be that or still are gone
[03:19] this instead of going now no but but
[03:24] that's an easier one to answer because I
[03:25] don't know as the guys that dispense the
[03:31] last month ensue
[03:33] the final stage of the design for the
[03:38] time something I think you know the
[03:40] final design step we've decided on the
[03:45] game within the village and then once
[03:47] that's locked down that we can say right
[03:48] now this cost it yeah how many hundred
[03:51] dollars to build this but I've seen it's
[03:54] good thing we got a resource planning to
[03:56] do that big that big hopefully so I
[04:00] don't know creepy on this level though
[04:01] so you mentioned the like you're looking
[04:04] at council gaming is there are you
[04:06] looking at maybe adding parts of the
[04:10] game where it's more high definition
[04:12] the jagex way of doing things as
[04:15] mobility person to talk about loved ones
[04:18] we certainly have the ability to bring
[04:24] our products with consoles we're
[04:26] licensed developers for all of consoles
[04:28] we did want to do prototypes on the
[04:32] consoles too so can we do it
[04:33] that only once we did that we stopped
[04:35] talking to the console manufacturers
[04:37] saying it'd be cool to extend your again
[04:40] what's your platform but you know we've
[04:43] got some terms and conditions which are
[04:44] February that used to they they used to
[04:45] be a bit off please can be working in
[04:47] platform we're gonna hey we'd love to be
[04:49] at level but we want one global epic
[04:52] community just one extend the community
[04:54] so PC must play can't play to the Xbox
[04:57] below the weak ps3 and that freaks them
[05:00] out slightly because all three will say
[05:02] yeah sure we don't mind that couldn't be
[05:03] see that's the first challenge the other
[05:08] one means we're saying it's going to be
[05:10] free you know that's that's what we do
[05:12] listen yeah you can do a demo you could
[05:15] do a yeah it was a again the whole the
[05:18] whole success of runescape was building
[05:20] complement biggest free go until then
[05:23] there was never enough any idea a notion
[05:24] of charge for it so we generally just
[05:28] built
[05:29] and you know we've done the same with
[05:32] give you look at all the Buttle games
[05:33] every one of those games is a feature
[05:34] complete game in its game with 20 30
[05:37] levels which are free and then if you'd
[05:39] like there's members expansion pack of
[05:41] you take something like zombie Doron
[05:43] it's like that in New York levels they
[05:47] tie us game if you will is free and then
[05:50] you can buy the tour subscribe to the UK
[05:52] expansion pack where you get to take
[05:54] over Buckingham Palace Rosanna so we're
[05:57] kind of stuck very true to that so
[05:59] weather is an epic sized game we're
[06:05] gonna have again ik and there's some
[06:09] sort of expansion and now thinking being
[06:11] most average fans would we like that so
[06:13] we like that to where I finished that
[06:15] now I want that we don't want to do some
[06:17] sort of lightweight demo and we've gotta
[06:20] get the console guys all ready for that
[06:21] they're going read that scary
[06:24] there's never given anything away from
[06:25] her always say that's okay
[06:27] so those are the two things there's but
[06:30] a free game on there yeah we're not
[06:33] going to submit to a community I think
[06:37] when they come around
[06:38] are you gonna bring back the wild I try
[06:44] guys
[06:53] you