Transcript of Inside Jagex Games Studio - Mark Gerhard Interview Part 2

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] hi everyone has going i'm on paul m and
[00:04] under enjoying a nice cup of tea and i'm
[00:05] joined here today with mod mark g hello
[00:07] and thanks very much for making me one
[00:09] it's a pleasure all right sarcasm right
[00:11] ok um so yeah why you hid it in 10
[00:14] markets partly because we want a
[00:16] differentiate between you and MMG that's
[00:18] true actually yes I'm not MMG I'm mod
[00:20] mod mark g and I don't drive a tank it
[00:23] doesn't drive a tank I can vouch for
[00:24] that so we're here to talk about the
[00:26] next video then we had part 1 of the MMG
[00:29] interview with XL and the noob show from
[00:31] when they came here back in September in
[00:33] this one mark talks a bit about
[00:36] community generated content where else
[00:39] to talk about I am made in here talked
[00:41] about I main loves as I imagine that's
[00:43] telephone that's that's telephone that's
[00:45] wrong isn't it what yeah so after the
[00:48] video we're going to talk a little bit
[00:49] about we go talk a bit about how you can
[00:53] get involved in the next interview we're
[00:54] going to ask you and to basically give
[00:56] your suggestions on who you want to talk
[00:57] to ya and then we're going to conduct a
[00:58] poll to decide who that is and I'll
[01:00] explain more about that afterwards
[01:01] anyway this video then check it out sure
[01:06] so when did you start noticing how big
[01:09] youtube was in runescape like once you
[01:12] start noticing the community hey well I
[01:14] I mean I alright so I love music and all
[01:18] types of you think so almost got beyond
[01:24] that ya say so I I was amazed you're
[01:26] going on to youtube I could type RSMV I
[01:30] like the other dad's little it's not
[01:32] like the fear of dark I
[01:35] yeah there's ice like five awesome
[01:38] awesome videos it and then yes I mean so
[01:40] funny nothing prior to even be coming
[01:43] away with you guys did in fairness i was
[01:45] using YouTube just to find actually cool
[01:47] music videos it says against written
[01:49] stuff but I've ever specifically seeing
[01:53] yours and they kind of a lot so hard
[01:56] like this are we telling about that yeah
[01:59] absolutely yeah it kind of thought like
[02:03] you know I don't get behind this this is
[02:05] this is cool lets us actually see if we
[02:08] can endorse it one or the other yeah I
[02:09] know until now very cautious and
[02:13] endorsing anything that was like is
[02:14] built in the building type thing those
[02:17] more just kind of being legal copyright
[02:19] and all sorts of other things to be
[02:21] honest we kind of went pretty pro at it
[02:23] and we just change good developers and
[02:27] techies but as the studio's growing up
[02:33] getting more comfortable confident kind
[02:35] of journalist and I mean it'll
[02:37] graduating start yeah the top layer is
[02:40] before is a health and safety you can't
[02:42] do that like what some troops and hurts
[02:44] himself just get on anyway so we kind of
[02:48] you know what we're getting there
[02:49] anything look at the mall especially the
[02:52] truth in season the more we're doing at
[02:54] the mall we're enjoying it more
[02:55] discovering it's out there it's like
[02:56] anything and yeah you know I think I can
[03:00] see future generations of the game where
[03:02] this the community and the community
[03:05] generated content comes actually mess
[03:07] upon the game itself is there any future
[03:12] give any ideas for more contests or
[03:15] something similar to look here with the
[03:16] video job city yeah that's something you
[03:19] can sure yeah yeah so I mean that that
[03:25] contest was again what the first ones
[03:27] we've done you know I think a
[03:30] record-breaker by you two standards in
[03:32] the jagged standards so for sure we'll
[03:34] do more of it we think exactly like how
[03:39] what it will be keep it fresh on right
[03:42] same stuff but gap suit so I think
[03:45] overall there's quite a big strategy to
[03:46] solve it a ton more community
[03:50] focus stuff but exactly what we want to
[03:55] save this movement
[03:56] person thanks a lot for thank you very
[03:59] much yeah no sir sang le two guys in
[04:02] time somewhere actually open offense but
[04:08] for though I have to hack unit this are
[04:09] you but no seriously we love what you
[04:15] guys do not money not just for us but
[04:18] community as much as I enjoy people that
[04:22] they would be like same thing nothing
[04:24] again after that's one of the most
[04:25] awesome things about this Jagger's
[04:27] community lot there's all these other
[04:30] people who argue Gibson community
[04:34] serving you know more than self-serving
[04:37] and kind of just trying to create fun
[04:38] for everyone I think it's awesome adding
[04:41] it I haven't found it in any other game
[04:43] community I think there's a certain
[04:45] wholesomeness to it which is really
[04:48] refreshing I think I do think we you
[04:51] guys got something special
[04:54] these community so thank you
[04:57] thank you great stuff thank you so much
[05:01] to excel thank you much the new show
[05:03] really loving your work they're
[05:04] fantastic stuff yeah we want more of
[05:07] that in fact we're gonna we're going to
[05:08] put up the poll in the next few weeks
[05:10] and we're going to invite you to suggest
[05:11] which department you wanted to speak to
[05:13] next and then once we decide that
[05:14] department you're going to get your
[05:16] questions and fire them directly at
[05:18] whoever the victims are you happy now
[05:20] yeah I think awesome good good you need
[05:24] to drink too much to all right so yeah
[05:28] in the next few weeks for pups and poles
[05:30] it's also worth noting actually that
[05:32] since we filmed that first video with
[05:34] MMG we've already been putting in lots
[05:36] more competition work with another
[05:38] machinima competition we're in the
[05:39] process of historic competition at the
[05:40] moment and in the next few weeks if
[05:42] we're going to be launching more video
[05:43] competitions not just machining about
[05:46] animation and real-life film as well so
[05:48] something look forward to oh yeah I need
[05:51] the toilet ok that's probably a good
[05:53] time to stop donors mark genies the
[05:55] toilet so well thank you for watching
[05:57] and we'll see you next time cheers all
[06:01] right cool we're done in here ok
[06:02] brilliant you're an idiot