Transcript of Inside Jagex Games Studio - Machinima Tools Q&A

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] hello hey there run this is a mod flawed
[00:06] from the runescape content team north
[00:08] north has kindly offered to spend some
[00:10] time with us this afternoon to talk
[00:11] through the recent or brockless
[00:13] machinima tools update and so I go
[00:15] through some of your questions from the
[00:16] forums and to hopefully give us some
[00:17] helpful week in some tips on how you can
[00:19] make the most of the update so first of
[00:21] all can you just give us a rundown of
[00:22] what the update is for those who haven't
[00:24] used exactly the cameramen skills always
[00:27] focused on your character or the orb of
[00:29] ocular start sizzle ogio unhitch that
[00:31] from your character and look around the
[00:32] world as you see fan Loesch yourself the
[00:35] shots as you want if you want pine zooms
[00:37] and goalie shorts anything you like so
[00:40] you can make your machinima video or the
[00:41] best it can be that sounds awesome okay
[00:43] so let's go with some of the questions
[00:45] from our forum okay so the first
[00:46] questions from a chap called Dagon kin
[00:47] and he wants to know is there any way to
[00:49] reduce the shakiness of the camera when
[00:51] you move I'm working on a way I'm trying
[00:55] to smooth out any more she's the more
[00:57] she casts of the two wards and if they
[01:00] tryna make it so it's a bit more
[01:02] smoother and get less that judder in the
[01:04] meantime try a focus mode focus mode
[01:06] it's a bit more smooth and allows you to
[01:08] focus on one object and pan around
[01:10] awesome I'll help you with a bit more a
[01:12] good cop didn't listen okay so the next
[01:15] question is from a guy called PSP trust
[01:16] trans PTR us said okay why does it move
[01:21] the same way for each key no matter what
[01:23] what were you were looking okay it's the
[01:25] same reason so I'm have a lot of engine
[01:27] restriction true and I mean I'm trying
[01:29] to work in a way of getting it moving
[01:30] forward and bad just using the cases of
[01:32] Austin north south east west I felt was
[01:35] important to get the camera out there so
[01:37] that you guys could get to use it to
[01:39] make your films for this competition and
[01:41] hopefully over the next few months or so
[01:44] we'll get more updates to try and make
[01:46] our work a lot bit more with what would
[01:48] be more helpful to video makers ok
[01:50] brilliant that sounds good okay so next
[01:52] question is from a jackal giblets
[01:55] giblets wants to know I want to Mac and
[01:57] I want to get into focus mode but when i
[01:59] click f1 it just lowers my brightness
[02:01] how do i do it one Macintoshes there's a
[02:04] keyboard key on your keyboard called FN
[02:06] if you hold that and then press your
[02:08] function keys that's how you can get f
[02:10] one an f-22 work so you can get focus
[02:12] mode and chat function keys is the way
[02:14] for them yep cool okay so the next
[02:18] question is again from jib licks and he
[02:20] wants to know is it possible to get rid
[02:22] of the index on how to do things while
[02:24] in Olba mode although we help thing on
[02:26] the side yeah yeah we've got way of
[02:28] doing that I guess rid of the compass at
[02:30] the top as well yep if you just had the
[02:32] spacebar it clears all the interfaces
[02:34] from the screen just a space bar yeah if
[02:36] you head again you can bring them back
[02:37] you need to refresh and what the
[02:39] controls they're fantastic okay great
[02:41] next question is from a guy called day o
[02:44] supreme and he / she wants to know is
[02:47] there a way to use this without being
[02:49] forced into the weird resizable mode as
[02:51] a weird resizable mode I'd like to use
[02:54] this only and fixed yeah before you
[02:57] start filming set up your windows you
[02:59] like if you want to be in full screen
[03:00] you can do that if you want to have just
[03:02] the fixed one door set on your graphic
[03:04] options the orb will detect that and
[03:06] only use or the screen that you set up
[03:09] for so if you said it's fixed more to
[03:10] only use that area okay brilliant
[03:12] another top do great the next question
[03:15] is from mu 10 9 99 they want to know the
[03:18] orb of oculus doesn't work in a house
[03:20] when you're in norman in normal mode it
[03:22] shows through the orb building mode why
[03:24] well hello well back when we did an
[03:28] update to plural and houses and we did a
[03:31] little bit of cool technical
[03:35] jiggery-pokery so we can hold all your
[03:37] household at once the problem with that
[03:39] was it took a little bit well was like
[03:41] six seconds to load up your little house
[03:43] and you guys you didn't want that you
[03:47] wanted to get your parent house as quick
[03:49] as possible so we tweaked plural the
[03:53] house is about so that we caught up
[03:54] instantly and we would sneak Lee lured
[03:57] them in the background the reason you're
[04:00] seeing that is when you go in a house we
[04:02] just load up the hope the rooms are next
[04:04] here and then it leaves the defaults
[04:06] behind you you can see them with the orb
[04:08] just kind of you get to see how
[04:10] right and if you want to get your halves
[04:13] fully loaded up just take a wander
[04:15] around there and that Woods uphold the
[04:17] rooms as you walk and then when you use
[04:18] the orb I'll see the lane but that's why
[04:20] that's coming up like that okay that's
[04:22] great thanks for that and so so now
[04:23] we've got some suggestions from our
[04:24] forums the first one comes from So So
[04:27] Solid 2 k he wants to know would it be
[04:29] possible to equip it in a slot other
[04:31] than the weapon slot for the purposes of
[04:35] balancing that's why we had to put in
[04:37] the weapons because you've got the favre
[04:39] you in for your familiars and if we give
[04:42] everyone the ability to move the camera
[04:43] about without any drawback it would
[04:46] basically mean all the effort people
[04:48] have made into summer mainly what this
[04:50] the next question or suggestion story is
[04:53] from Iceman of in he wonders if we can
[04:56] have curved movement with the in-game
[04:59] character control camera you can move it
[05:01] up and left at the same time you cannot
[05:04] move north and west with the orb however
[05:06] I actually look at it about as a
[05:09] possibility and we've got other weeds
[05:11] other tricks we can do with a camera and
[05:13] I'm going to see if I can chef turrets
[05:16] you can get nice whipping carbs and so
[05:18] maybe some pre-planned camera moves you
[05:21] can call key a key and have a move for
[05:24] you but that's sort of part of my face
[05:26] to plan so our final question is from a
[05:28] mod Hoban and he wanted to know what
[05:30] does mod floored me snort is a what they
[05:33] got from because I could live in a
[05:35] strategy and the things that is you can
[05:38] only see the word for naught if you
[05:40] truly in mind so I must be enlightened
[05:42] yeah awesome okay brilliant well that's
[05:45] everything thanks a lot buddy some time
[05:47] with us and i'll see you soon take care
[05:52] it's not raining
[05:55] John well good yeah brilliant brilliant
[05:58] okay thank you very much for watching I
[06:01] hope that modern all has been able to
[06:02] answer some of your oculus related
[06:04] questioning best up with a competition
[06:07] guys honestly it really is getting
[06:08] exciting we can't wait to share with you
[06:10] the finalists soon once we know who they
[06:12] are right I guess we'll say goodbye then
[06:15] goodbye goodbye then thank you