Transcript of Inside Jagex Games Studio

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] hello there I love the first bridge
[00:03] great community management's video cast
[00:05] the grand thing and as you can tell we
[00:08] haven't read anything right before but
[00:10] we not so long ago bought some of that
[00:12] top players over for a big party and the
[00:14] feedback you guys gave us after that is
[00:16] you wanted to see more about jackets
[00:17] more than people that weren't here and
[00:18] check out the building a little bit so
[00:20] when we've dusted up close camera and at
[00:23] next few weeks we'll be checking out
[00:24] various areas around the company and
[00:25] introducing some of the people around
[00:27] the building so we'll be talking to
[00:29] people like Bruce Co Quality Assurance
[00:31] to image you can see little hard worker
[00:32] at moment come back in the next few
[00:34] weeks and where that Chatham in a bit
[00:35] more detail
[00:36] another area that we're really keen to
[00:38] show you is the ICU room unfortunate you
[00:41] can see it's currently blocked off at
[00:42] the moment but lots of work let's move
[00:44] on let's go check out QC management team
[00:46] ok this is where we look after at Klan
[00:48] site at fan sites we do competitions
[00:50] from here we look after our wonderful
[00:52] moderators from here one job this work
[00:56] and of course there's a Rescate content
[00:59] team this is where all the magic happens
[01:00] and they're always at work they're
[01:02] tossing up the next great idea let's go
[01:04] check man sir
[01:11] there are some lunch that's best I go
[01:14] back out this way okay well I guess we
[01:20] probably bet leave it there for now but
[01:22] we're back in the next few weeks with
[01:24] our first video who knows who will be
[01:26] about text I was watching a nosy -
[01:29] Cheers
[01:48] you