Transcript of Inside Jagex - Content Developer Q&A

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Hi how are you doing?
I'm Mod Paul M from Community Management.
[00:06] We put up a poll recently asking you
who you wanted to throw you questions at
[00:10] via the medium of video in our Q&A sessions
[00:12] and with 39%, the content team came out on top!
[00:15] So you've got Mod Tim, Nancy and Trick to answer your questions.
[00:18] So we should crack on with the players questions.
[00:20] Do you guys put together the content
[00:22] as in imagine it and develop it
[00:25] or does someone else imagine it and you put it together?
[00:27] - It's all us
- Yes, it's all us really.
[00:32] We get our ideas from a variety of different sources.
[00:37] It might be from the players or it might be...
[00:39] - Just ourselves
- What we like or what we think would be a good idea.
[00:44] We'll kind of flesh that out and then between the team...
[00:48] and try and decide what's good and what's bad.
[00:52] And take it from there.
[00:54] We start out with the concept brief.
[00:56] That's where we put our initial ideas down.
[00:59] We get that approved by
[01:01] our lead designer, Mark.
[01:04] And then we take it to the design brief stage
[01:06] and start talking to Graphics
about what we want it to look like.
[01:10] We start working on it by coding it.
[01:13] And Graphics start making all the graphics for it.
[01:17] From then on, when it's all together...
[01:19] Then it's a case of testing it,
[01:21] making sure we are happy with it.
[01:24] And then we hand it over to QA.
[01:25] They will then do some thorough testing.
[01:28] At the same time it gets edited
and translated into the various languages.
[01:33] And eventually it gets ready for release
and we release it.
[01:35] Then fingers crossed!
[01:37] I think Creative is pretty important actually.
[01:40] It is one of the main things that we look for
[01:42] when we are adding people to the Content team.
[01:44] You need it, definitely,
[01:46] to come up with these strange whacky ideas
[01:48] to add to RuneScape.
[01:50] I think it's an absolute necessity.
[01:53] I'd like to make more changes to Castle Wars,
that'd be pretty nice.
[01:56] It'll always be nice to add a crazy mode to Castle Wars
[02:00] where we could change and add all sorts of interesting ideas!
[02:04] And is that on the cards?
[02:05] We might possibly be adding some changes.
It would be nice but...
[02:09] Perhaps not to the huge scale
that I imagine being great!
[02:13] Is that actually Jagex talking a little bit
about a future update?
[02:17] - Perhaps maybe.
- My God, you heard it here first.
[02:20] The penguins started out as robots.
[02:25] But that didn't fly
so I decided to do penguins!
[02:28] For no particular reasons,
[02:30] Cause I couldn't have robots!
[02:31] So you are responsible for the penguins in RuneScape?
[02:34] - You've got a lot to answer for.
- I know they're gonna take over.
[02:37] I loved designing Larry
[02:38] from the penguin quest.
[02:40] He's absolutely nuts
but thinks he's the sanest person on the planet.
[02:45] Yes, the straitjacket dude.
[02:47] He's so much fun to make and write and design.
[02:50] We are considering increasing
[02:53] the caps on other skills
but you can't do that without
[02:55] a lot of considerations as to what it will do.
[02:58] If we suddenly raise Strength up to 120,
[03:01] it will have a massive effect on the game.
[03:04] An effect we wouldn't really want.
[03:05] So we'll only ever do it after careful consideration.
[03:09] There's nothing in the pipe any time soon.
[03:12] We've already announced an update to Dungeoneering.
[03:16] Later this year.
[03:18] I think this year, probably.
[03:22] There will be more floors.
[03:26] And probably therefore more bosses.
[03:28] I don't want to say too much more.
[03:29] When I was young, I would get demo disks
[03:32] with a friend, from magazines.
[03:34] You would get perhaps six demos for a game each month.
[03:39] You would just sit through and play the demos
[03:41] and see what part you thought was good,
[03:43] what part we thought was bad.
[03:45] Perhaps give it our own score or something like that
[03:48] and you build up from the experience
and idea of what you think is...
[03:53] How you would perhaps do it differently.
[03:55] I think that's helped me out a bit in the past.
[03:58] Learn programming.
[04:00] And not just game programming.
[04:02] Learn computer science programming.
[04:05] Because it's so useful.
[04:06] The best sort of education you could get for it is...
[04:11] Some schools do Computing A levels now
[04:14] They are a brilliant introduction to programming.
[04:16] Get yourself into computer science
or I think there is now...
[04:19] - You did?
- I did a computer games degree.
[04:22] But I would say that a computer science degree
is more well-rounded.
[04:27] Get a good technical basis to work from.
[04:30] And then you can learn game design as you go.
[04:33] We've got time for one more question.
This one is from DarkMagic76.
[04:37] Quite simply, he'd like to know 3 adjectives
to describe the Content team. Go!
[04:41] Awesome!
[04:42] Crazy!
[04:43] Dynamic!
[04:45] There you go! Thank you very much
for taking the time to speak to us today.
[04:48] And thank you everyone
for sending us your questions.
[04:51] Next time we've got the graphics team.
[04:53] Mod Crow will be created a thread probably
[04:55] in the next hour or so.
[04:56] So feel free to get your typing fingers on the ready
and throw some questions at the Graphics team.
[05:01] Until then, we'll be off.
Catch you later!